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Wow, I haven’t been here for a while.  Lots of things have changed and every time I sat down to write all of it felt a little too heavy to drop on the page.  Nothing is bad, there was just a lot of life going on.

I suppose bad is relative though.  I did break up with the Mister.  Long distance relationships wear you down after a while, and for me, our relationship got worn down to nothing.  There’s no he said, she said, just an end and a new beginning.  I am happy being single and it isn’t that different from being in a long distance relationship.  At the moment, I’m happy being me.  Maybe someone else will come along that is also happy with me being me and we can be happy together.  There should probably be a law against using the word happy that many times in a paragraph.

Libraryland has been wonderful.  I’ve been participating in our programming committee and feel like this is a group who’s work will make a difference.  I got approved to have a Teen Space at my branch too, in addition to Teen Advisory, so now we will have a once a month hang out spot just for teens.  Reading Marathon is coming up in about a week and we go next week to the middle school to promote it at lunch hour.  I love having a specific program to promote–ok, I just love tabling and all the teens I see.  I feel like a mini celebrity bribing the kids with candy to love me (I mean, love the library of course). Oh and we got a new regional manager.  Yup, another new manager.

The Boy is very nice to have around.  He’s at an awkward phase where he wants to be a gentleman, but he forgets sometimes and lapses back into teen sas.  I am diligent in reminding him to “be nice” and he’s always pretty quick to come around.  Unless there’s school work involved, then it takes him a little longer.  He got a bit of a scare this quarter though, so even that attitude is changing.  For now.  I understand wanting to be in charge of your own life but failing school isn’t a good way of proving you’re ready to be a man.  Oh, and when it takes you two days to empty the dishwasher, that means I have to wait that long to do the dishes. (That’s an exaggeration, in case you’re wondering). We’ve been having a nice time together generally.  The power struggles have gotten shorter and we have some pretty good conversations when we sit on the couch in the evenings.

This snow is awesome.  I had Wednesday off to take The Boy to his doctor appointments, but of course they were all canceled.  I stocked up on groceries on Tuesday night and I’m super glad because I haven’t been outside for the last 2 days for more than taking pictures and taking out the trash.  I got the house clean and organized yesterday and now am enjoying the warmth and quiet.  I think I’m going to go hang out in my newly reassembled bed for some quality reading time.  Hopefully my legs will not atrophy before my 6 mile run on Sunday.

No complaints, no changes to the appearance.  Perhaps everyone gets updates through a reader these days.

I realized that I hadn’t posted the link to the podcast my TAG members made back in October–although it wasn’t live until early December.  So here it is.  Some of the sound is a little low; there was a fan going in the room that I couldn’t shut off without turning off the lights. 

It is supposed to snow today, but I think that Wednesday is more likely.  We never got the snow last week I was hoping for.  The temp today is holding at around 37* but it’s supposed to get much colder by Friday.  Too bad for my garden, which has managed to survive so far.  I should probably go pick all the collard greens and the little cabbages that are trying to get bigger.  The only casualty to the freezing temps last week was the rosemary.  It was growing so well previous to that, I thought it would make it through.  There are a few other things that I will turn under when Spring returns that just don’t look that edible right now.

What am I reading?  I just finished Dreadnought, which was lovely if somewhat unbelievable.  The zombie element gives things an interesting twist, but I just can’t quite get behind it.  I still enjoy the story though and it gives the impression of a well written penny-dreadful.

Tonight I will start Reckless by Cornelia Funke.  I have heard good things and can’t wait to see if they are true.

But it seems like everything I want to read is in pdf now.  What happened to my EPUB?  Are they trying to force me to buy an iPad?  That is not happening on my budget.  Anyhow, I like having my ebooks very portable–as in fit in my purse or pocket.  Most readers are just too big for my tastes.

It’s supposed to snow today and everyone is hopeful that it will.  Probably because it is only supposed to be a couple of inches and not terribly cold like our last one.   Our forecast is very changeable here, though.  It has already snowed in some areas, but not at my house.  We may not see any at all at my house.

Libraryland is in a waiting period right now.  Our busy times are out of wack because of school break and a lot of people taking vacation.  No story times right now to bring in the families at certain times.  Sometimes it is quiet and half deserted and others it is hopping and 10 things are happening at once.  Kids are starting to realize they have to have books for projects when they go back to school on Monday, so they are coming in with reference questions.  Parents want to see if they can get that fun picture book they saw over xmas.  I got all my weeding done before the holiday and the advisory group is on hiatus until February, so I have been concentrating on scheduling software and not really feeling like I am getting anywhere.  Everyone is on vacation either literally or figuratively right now, and everyone is waiting to see if what happens when this round of changes are implemented on January 5th.

What am I reading? I am just finishing up The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, which was just as I was hoping.  Jason wakes up on a bus holding a girl’s hand (Piper) and being regaled with lame jokes by a guy named Leo that claims to be his friend, but he can’t remember anything except that he knows he doesn’t belong there.  Soon the three are attacked by wind spirits and are saved by a gym coach, who turns out to be a satyr.  Next they are whisked off to Camp Half Blood and begin a quest to save the world from giants and ancient goddesses.

I have some exciting books in the hopper (iPod–unfortunately in pdf format); My Favorite Band Does Not Exist by Robert T. Jeschonek and The Atomic Weight of Secrets or the Arrival of the Mysterious Men in Black by Eden Unger Bowditch.  Oh, and Dreadnought by Cherie Priest in traditional book form.  Which to start first?