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Home life has been slow and peaceful.  The Mister’s dad and step-mom came to town and we tried out Smokin’ Pete’s bbq.  It is so much better than Gabriel’s Fire!  All of the meats and sides were scrumptious.  A common complaint of mine…the cornbread was really dry.  I love good cornbread, but don’t make it at home because it is so bad for you.  The bbq sauces didn’t rock my world, either, but I often find that I don’t care for bbq places bbq sauce.  Probably a product of eating the over sugared version from the store for so many years.

I had a good friend over on Wednesday.  I was a bit hyper from it being my last night at my small branch and after a couple of gin/sage/grapefruit martinis I totally lost track of the conversation.  I keep thinking back on it and wondering what her response was to that question I asked her.  Did I ask her about that?  Where the heck was my brain?  Ah well, we are catching up again this week and I can just ask her all over again.  Stress tends to make me forget things.

Libraryland: I spent half the day yesterday at iYouth, a small conference put on by a student group at the iSchool at the University of Washington.  I shared my panel with a school librarian turned PhD student, who will be a regular at the branch I am transferring to next week.  She started an after school gaming club at the boys school she was head librarian at in New Orleans.  It sounds like an amazing success–sometimes getting kids into the library is what it is all about.  My part was about having a teen blog at your library.

My part went well and everyone asked really good questions.  I didn’t get nervous, even with several of my colleagues in the audience.  One of my coworkers was there and I called on her to help me with some of the questions, for a different perspective.  I attended her panel on zines and I was able to lend her a hand as well.  I have a small donation based zine collection at my bigger branch, which I will be leaving behind.  There are so many things I will be sad to leave.  In some ways, my new collection will be a challenge because of its size, but there really isn’t anything unique about it, and the need really isn’t there to make it so.

What am I watching/reading? I just finished up Torchwood season 2 and I have already seen the last season/mini series so I am done until Doctor Who shows up.  We watched Princess Mononoke last night and I was surprised by the stars in the cast–Mini Driver, Gillian Anderson, Claire Danes and Billy Bob Thornton?  I hadn’t seen it in years.  We also watched I Love You, Man which was ok, but in great need of a final edit.  I am finishing up Columbine (due in 3 days!) and have two audio books that I am looking forward to: Marcelo in the Real World (up for all kinds of awards) and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (by the same publisher as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).  The first is on CD and the second is an audio download from the library that I put on my iPod shuffle that has been pretty much been taken over for that purpose.  I love that service.