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Yes, I did carry a towel around with me today.  Because that is the kind of nerd I am!  Yes I have read all the books, although it was later in life.  Before the movie. Yes.

Ok, so I’ve been talking to myself too much lately.  I was walking to the p-patch after I got home from work and realized that I left my dvds there.  Sadness!  And I said it out loud.  I heard a sort of snort behind me and a jogger went by.  All I could do was laugh at myself too.

I am going on vacation tomorrow and I will lose a week of check out on the videos.  There are two tv series in there. No way I am going to be able to finish them now.

The Mister bought me plane tickets to see him for my birthday.  Probably the best present ever (next to the very cool step stool I got last year from my son).  I can’t wait to see him and to spend a few days in the sun.  The rain today really clinched it for me.

My Teen Advisory Group worked on their video to promote the summer reading program this week and I think it is going to turn out wonderfully.  We’re editing it when I get back and it should be up in the first week of June.  I tabled at the local high school today and gave away copies of Leviathan and Boneshaker, along with candy for library cards and information on volunteering.  It was fun and I rarely felt like I was selling something no one wanted to buy ;)  It turned out to be good I brought the towel, because it started raining on my way back to the bus so I used it to cover up the box of goodies that I had with me and  I remembered not to panic.

Scavenger Hunt forms are flying out of the branch right now.  I’ve gone from worrying that there wouldn’t be any interest to worrying that there will be too much–but I doubt that will happen. Right?

What am I reading?  I just finished The Alchemist by Paolo Bacigalupi and it was worth the wait (the hold list is long for this one).  Magic both heals and hurts in this alternate world.  In a middle age-esc time the alchemist is racing to find a cure for the dreaded bramble that takes over land every time magic is used.  He wants his daughter healed, but only magic can fix her damaged lungs.  Magic that has been banned to keep the bramble at bay.  Finally he finds the answer, only to be held hostage by the lord he hoped to ally himself with against the bramble.  The ending isn’t all sunshine and roses, but it is hopeful.

Oddly enough, when I went to try to get The Scar again, there were 33 holds on it.  That’s from none when I randomly chose to download it 3 weeks ago.  What is going on?  Is everyone going China Mieville crazy?

I am occasionally… well… silly?  And I don’t mind saying so, yes I am sure there are more pertinent words.  Sometimes my mind doesn’t make word associations, or I can’t think of the word that I want.  Luckily I work and live in places where I can look things up constantly.  In fact, that is about 50% of my job.

So, I was out with family last night after my dad’s choir performance and the boys were talking about Starcraft.  That is a foreign language to me (I seriously didn’t know most of the nouns and verbs they were using).  My sister and I just found other things to talk about, between throwing napkins at them, until I brought up the subject of BFD.  I was explaining to her about why I called the place where my son lives that acronym and she said “yeah, or you could mean BFD.”  I was lost, and she explained and I was flabbergasted.

You all probably thought of that right away and thought “she sure is going a long way to make this stuff up.”  But really, honestly in all the years I’ve been blogging never thought of Big F*ing Deal.  Never did.  Until now.  My reference is ruined.  I will have to think of a new moniker.   Any ideas?  Something that won’t give the actual place away?

What am I reading? Well, my sound recording of the newest Bloody Jack book has let me down.  Somehow it ended at the end of chapter 53 (yes, there are a lot of chapters) and it wasn’t over yet.  I have to find out what happened to my missing chapters.  However, I have heard enough to be cautionary to younger readers.  These books get a bit promiscuous.  This one has a whole ship of prostitutes and the captain has some interesting views.  I still love it, but will be more careful about recommending the series to young readers.

Nothing to Envy is still holding my interest. It takes me longer to read real adult books, but I am 2/3’s of the way through, so will have a report for you soon.

I am rewatching rab ne bana di Jodi.  It is the first real bollywood movie I saw after Slumdog Millionaire.  I forgot how much I liked it.  The dream dance sequence is sublime. Forgive the ad.