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I had a very good day off yesterday. I spent the morning tiding up a few ends and pieces, then went out to the garage and worked on the derailleurs on Stella, the Kona Sutra. My front has been traveling too far–and I didn’t get that fixed, so I will need to take another look at it on Monday. My rear has been skipping and making noise, but still mostly shifted okay. Once I started in on it, things seemed a little more messed up. I realized I didn’t have the full range and that shifting was off by at least one ring. I ended up having to adjust the cable, and since I don’t have a tensioner, I had to push the derailleur to where I thought it should be, hold the cable and bolt in place while turning the allen wrench, then try again over and over until I finally got it. The cable end was pretty frayed by the time I was done. I then realized I was late and couldn’t test it.

So I took Dark Star out for a ride instead. That bike is just so delightful after riding my Kona fully loaded with commute gear for weeks on end. It’s just always ready to go with minimal worry. The brakes are always perfect, things shift just right, it’s light and fast. Add a little air to the tires or lube to the chain and off I go. The frustration of working on the derailleurs drifted away.


I rode up to Kite Hill at Gas Works Park and met a friend. We sat and watched the people. Someone walked by below with a huge hundred dollar bill under their arm. Someone else had a picture taken in front of the chain link fence.  A young couple with kids argued about their destination, top of the hill or the playground with broad gestures.

We had lunch at the Pacific Inn and then I left him to ride up Stone Way. I had tickets for the Tilth Edible Plant Pre-sale, but that didn’t start for an hour, so I stopped for gelato and socks on the way. I do love socks.

At the plant sale, I met my best friend and we followed each other around to the different areas and chose just a few plants. I got sweet basil, mojito mint, and a variety of tomato called pineapple which is supposed to grow large yellowish orange tomatoes with a sweet flavor. These plants should compliment the seedlings I have popping up in the planters now. More tomatoes, a variety of peppers, lettuces, cucumbers, carrots, green onions and lemon balm. It’s fun seeing their little green heads pushing out of the soil.

I finished off the evening watching Star Trek: Discovery with my roommate.

The best thing is, when I rode Stella to work this morning, my rear derailleur worked like a dream.


No complaints, no changes to the appearance.  Perhaps everyone gets updates through a reader these days.

I realized that I hadn’t posted the link to the podcast my TAG members made back in October–although it wasn’t live until early December.  So here it is.  Some of the sound is a little low; there was a fan going in the room that I couldn’t shut off without turning off the lights. 

It is supposed to snow today, but I think that Wednesday is more likely.  We never got the snow last week I was hoping for.  The temp today is holding at around 37* but it’s supposed to get much colder by Friday.  Too bad for my garden, which has managed to survive so far.  I should probably go pick all the collard greens and the little cabbages that are trying to get bigger.  The only casualty to the freezing temps last week was the rosemary.  It was growing so well previous to that, I thought it would make it through.  There are a few other things that I will turn under when Spring returns that just don’t look that edible right now.

What am I reading?  I just finished Dreadnought, which was lovely if somewhat unbelievable.  The zombie element gives things an interesting twist, but I just can’t quite get behind it.  I still enjoy the story though and it gives the impression of a well written penny-dreadful.

Tonight I will start Reckless by Cornelia Funke.  I have heard good things and can’t wait to see if they are true.

I have had more vacation this year than any I can remember.  I barely touch down in between and yet I have to be a grown up and make this job my own.  I came back from Chelan feeling ready to be creative with my teen advisory group plan and I feel like I hit it on the head.  I don’t know for sure, but I will certainly find out in September.

The garden keeps surprising me with its yield, especially since I have been so neglectful this year.  I had 2 nice cauliflower heads (well, out of 6 plants, not as good as I could have wished), my carrots are actually becoming carrots, despite my earlier fears, and I have had some nice strawberries and snap peas.

I am still riding several days a week, a little under 12 miles a day and I started to keep track of my eating.  Not to lose weight, but just to see what I am up to.  My caloric intake isn’t bad, but I sure do like the sugar and carbs, which are basically the same thing to the body.  I am going to try to shift my eating to more protein and veggies.  I eat a lot of fruit and bread (and cheese, and…) and it doesn’t help that we have a magnificent bakery just down the street from work.  PCC is a bit further away but I think I should make the effort and change my habits.

Yesterday evening I went to a book release birthday party for Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala and it was inspiring.  She is such an amazing person and her book is really beautiful and well written (the part I have read and heard so far).  I bought a copy last night–she and Secret Garden Books were donating proceeds to World Vision’s Hope for Sexually Exploited Girls–but my feet couldn’t wait in the HUGE line to get it signed.  I hope she will grant me the honor later.  Congratulations Holly!

What am I reading? Well…I know I said I was going to read Pump Six next, but then Dead Tossed Waves came in yesterday and I just couldn’t help myself.  I have heard both good and bad things about it, although I don’t remember distinctly what–it is better that way, then I can just form my own opinion.  I am only about 20 pages in, but I like the way Carrie Ryan sets up the atmosphere, setting and back story.  I am on my way.

However, I will be watching some dvds tonight so that I can get some crafty stuff done.  I will start with the IT Crowd.  I saw a couple of episodes of this back when I was in graduate school and thought it was totally hilarious.  But I was in graduate school and a little funny in the head then, so who knows.  I also have Crazy Heart and Invictus.  In the interest of going to work tomorrow, I probably won’t watch all 3, but I am hoping for two.  Any favorites?

I was back at work today and now I have 2 more days off.  Time to spend with the Offspring and to have dinner with some co-workers I no longer co-work with.  I think the Offspring and I will go see Karate Kid.  I heard the Last Airbender was quite disappointing, so I guess I can wait for dvd on that.  I need to get into the garden too, as I think the weeds have decided I’m not coming back and the whole plot is fair game.  I have had 2 nice heads of cauliflower, some snap peas and strawberries so far this year.  Oh, and some carrots, although I don’t think they like our soil.  I keep getting veins of dirt in them and they don’t grow very straight or long.  Onions are coming up and I need to plant something to replace the cauliflower.  I am thinking some cabbage.

We got back from Chelan about 3:30 yesterday and I am a nice red color.  I wore sunscreen, but the redness had already started in Las Vegas, then continued in Boston.  I don’t really tan, I just get red, then go back to pale and I don’t expect anything different this time.  Chelan was beautiful, but windy and I don’t think I got much sleep.  We went out on the boat on Sunday.  I rode on the skidoo with my sister and brother and it was good wild fun.  The ride back to the dock was the worst, as the wind had come up and there was no gentle way back in.  I thought my uncle was trying to kill us on part of the ride, but it turns out there was no other choice.

I came back to work this morning to a reference meeting of 3.  Me, who was totally unprepared, our adult librarian, who was over and mis-prepared, and our manager who was able to reign us both in.  The children’s librarian was sick and I am not sure if our LAIV was scheduled, but most of the conversation was about him, so it seems like he would have been a good addition.  An LAIV is a library associate level 4, who has the “basic” job description that matches that of a librarian, but doesn’t have to have a master’s and is paid a bit less (see much less).  His duties have to stay “basic” so that we librarians don’t get our panties in a bunch (for good reason), but it is hard to find him good, meaningful work and still have it be “basic”.  And the fact that he does have the master’s makes it that much harder.

Oh, and the start to my day was trying to ride my bike, going back in the house about 4 times for things I forgot, then still forgetting my gloves.  I was running late, so I decided to take the bus that happened to be behind me up the hill to work.  I got on the bus after putting the bike on and after a couple of blocks, I watched my new bike computer fall off the handlebars (HOW does that happen??!).  I decide to get off the bus and go look for whatever mangled bit of plastic and wires was left of it.  So, I take the bike off and push the holder up and what falls out of the holder?  The bike computer.  I look at the bus driver with wide questioning eyes, and she looks back at me with a hard gaze.  I say “fine” push my bike up on the curb, then wait several minutes for traffic to pass by so I can cross the street. At least my computer wasn’t mangled, AND I did manage to make it to work on time.  I was just a bit grumpy.

What am I reading? Still Mindspring and I like it a lot.  I wish I had more time to sit and read it, instead of the choppy blocks I have had recently.  Hethor was a clockmaker’s apprentice in a world that turns on gears.  Literally.  One night he is visited by an angel and given a quest to find a key and save the world.  In the morning he is unceremoniously dumped on his ass by the ungrateful, spoiled sons of his trade master and his journey begins.  So far there have been ignorant Viceroys, awful dungeons, airships and winged savages.  I am still only half way done.

I plan to read the next book, Escapement, but I just got in Pump Six and Other Stories and I might have to give that a read first.

I got talked into continuing at the p-patch.  The offered me a prime spot with a little more room, and I get to fill my volunteer time helping with the website.  Tomorrow is my day off, so I plan to move my pavers, strawberries and herbs to the new spot, come rain or shine.  I also hope to get in a good bike ride.  I haven’t decided where to, yet, but I plan to use ride the city to find my route–so far they haven’t steered me wrong.

I have been plotting my visit to Portland for the last few days.  PLA is only a month away now (how time flies) and I am going to the pre-conference to learn more about reader’s advisory–specifically adult RA.  This means I will be there about 3 days before my co-workers.  I plan to take the train down and stay with a friend, then get a ride home.  I was hoping to splurge and book a room at the very cool Ace Hotel on Friday night, but that is the only night they are completely booked.  I am sad about that but I can’t make the stay fit in anywhere else in my trip.  I guess that means that I will just have to go again at some point.

The Offspring has spring break the week after the conference, so I hope to ask to pick him up Sunday and keep him until Thursday morning.  Making phone calls is one of my weaknesses–I rather hate doing it.  It is the only reason I wish the ex was internet savvy.  In other ways I am really glad that man stays off the net.  Email is so much easier–although the potential for misunderstanding would probably ruin any ease it would bring.

What am I reading? Still loving Boneshaker!  Steampunk all the way!  Mother and son keep missing each other in the lost city of Seattle.  Rotters (what we would call zombies) almost get both of them at different times and a mad scientist is waiting in the wings to wreak havoc on their reunion as well.