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Literally.  It is raining right now and I was planning on spending my day off riding to Woodinville on the Burke-Gilman Trail.  Somehow I can’t make myself take a recreational ride on such a crumby day.  And I found out that all the hoses on my car need to be replaced.  Sad face.

But also figuratively.  The day after my happy post, we got more budget news, and it isn’t good.  We are going $1.4 million, although not all of those cuts will be necessary.  The Mayor said to find 3% to cut so that we would have some choices.  I don’t see that we have a lot of choices left.  The libraries can run on fewer bodies than we currently have.  We will have to cut hours (possibly Sundays) and/or have another furlough, which would likely be the week after xmas (another low usage time).  Possibly also a materials budget cut.  This is just me guessing, though, so don’t run out and tell the papers.  I’ll be interested to see if there is anything more creative that comes out of this round of cuts.

On the upside, I signed up for zipcar, which has a discount for City of Seattle employees.  That will be a great back up for the car if anything else goes wrong.  And everything is paid for in the fee–gas, insurance, maintenance.  I just wish there was one closer to my house.  There used to be, but they’re gone now.  Now I will have to take a bus to get to it, but luckily that goes from right outside my house to the car.  Ah well, hopefully I won’t need it (oh, but they have trucks too, so that will come in handy some day).  Some days I think I should just sell my car and commit to a car-less lifestyle.  That would only work here, though.

What am I reading?

A coworker recommended Soulless by Gail Carriger and I am liking it more than I expected.  I got it on EPUB from the library and am reading it on my Ipod touch.  It is historical fiction, set in Victorian London with the premise that there are supernatural creatures that have “come out” (similarly to True Blood, but further back in time) to natural society and live among them.  There is a fiery character, Alexia, who is a preternatural and can nullify supernatural powers.  Super fun so far.

I finished listening to The Wake of the Lorelei Lee by LA Meyer after getting the download from the library.  This one is almost as good as the others, and as always Kathleen doesn’t disappoint as the reader.

However! The themes in this book are definitely older teen and adult.  I am looking back at all the tweens and parents that I recommended the series to and I am worried they will get to this one and say “how could that librarian think this book was appropriate for my 11 year old?!?”  Oops.

A couple of examples: a ship full of prostitutes, Jackie becoming a “pet” for a female pirate with lots of innuendos about what goes on behind closed doors, and a boy who is almost harmed in an ungodly way.  All of these are fine with me, but I can imagine a parent and child listening to or reading this without being ready and I just cringe. Now I know and I can warn the parent that the theme gets older as the series progresses, until it falls into utter wantonness.

PS. There are no April Fool’s jokes included in this post, not even the budget info.