I’m moving into my new place. Part of me wonders if it’s really as good as I remember. It’s been almost a month since I’ve seen it.

Actually, I’m only moving in the few things that I still own, probably 2-3 car loads of stuff. There’s new flooring going in on Monday, so anything new has to wait until after that. I can put stuff in the bedroom and storage room. I mostly have camping equipment, clothing and bike stuff. I’ll be sleeping on a twin blow up mattress until I have time to get a real bed delivered. At least I have cool sheets for it.

My real move in date is October 4th.

I’ve been doing a lot of hiking lately, going mostly with my good friend and once with my brother and cousin. On Tuesday, my friend and I did a bus hike bus trip from Seattle to Coal Creek, hiking from there to Cougar Mountain, then across Cougar Mountain to Issaquah, then taking the bus back to Seattle and home. We didn’t take as many pictures as we should have, but it was a good 12.5 mile hike.

Click here for more pictures of that adventure. You can get some nature right in the city(ish area). I hope to check out more Seattle parks (like Discovery Park) and bus out to the North Bend/Snoqualmie Falls area on my weekdays off. I know the weather will turn at some point, but I want to continue to be prepared for it as it comes.

I’m still having trouble sleeping (I’m writing this at 1:20 am, but will schedule for morning so that more of my friends will see it), but I think that will pass when I have my own place.