I’m no longer a boatwife. I won’t say that I’ll never sail again, because I will, but I will not be taking month long excursions to exotic places. It is just not for me.

Since many year long sailing excursions are my love’s life dream, we’ve had to re-evaluate our relationship and come to the conclusion that we should part ways. I’ve attained a small apartment on land. It’s not an easy decision, but the best one in the long run.

To take my mind off of these huge changes I’m spending time with friends and family, planning hikes and future adventures. I need to get a wheelie cart for my kayak since I’m only a long block from Green Lake and can easily explore that water if only I can lug the kayak down there.

So, onward and upward, as they say.

Here are some photos (click on the picture for more) from my recent hike to Rachel Lake and Rampart Lakes. I very much recommend it.