I was so invigorated after riding in the Emerald City Ride (a 20 mile course across the new 520 bridge, up the express lanes of I-5 then along the west side of the Lake Washington loop) that I signed up for Flying Wheels century in June. Below is most of my Wooleaters group on the Emerald City Ride. We’re standing on the new 520 Bridge. I’m holding my shoe, as I’ve just figured out that my cleat is horribly loose.


I’ve ridden Flying Wheels twice before, both times with very little training. It hurts to ride like that, but not for very long, which is probably why I haven’t learned my lesson. This year, I’m going to try training though. A friend of mine reminds me that I need to do it every week, so I’m more likely to get out there and ride the distance.

I’m not in bad shape for it anyway. I ride around 100 miles a week with my regular commute and errands, then I sometimes pick up a 40 mile ride with friends on my Friday off. I know I can do better, though, and I recently hurt my knee. It doesn’t hurt when I ride, just when I run and sit around too much. I guess that tells me what I need to know.


Above: I was looking for a good picture from the 2015 Gallery that Woodinville Bicycle took, but this is what caught my eye. You’re welcome. In his defense, there were some intense hills.

Last week I did a 55 mile ride with a Wooleater friend. We meant to do 40 miles, but missed a turn. It turned out fine and was actually closer to what our goal should have been anyhow.

Chris and I are going to ride to Vashon tomorrow to meet some boating friends who have been sailing the South Sound for the last week. It’s a 28 mile ride, and while I should be doing twice that for my training, I’ll be fine with that. Sailing with friends is worth it. So I guess what I’m saying is, I’m training when it fits, and otherwise I’m getting miles where I can.

I’m just returning to the boat after a week house sitting for friends. I missed it!