First night

I had to work yesterday, so Chris spent the day getting the girls moved to the boat, along with attending their parent teacher conferences and running errands. It seems very strange to me that parent teacher conferences are held on a Saturday, but that’s neither here nor there. Both of the youngest are doing very well in school and the 12 year old is pretty much ready for college.

When I arrived home, the girls were fighting over who’s turn it is to watch a show. Chris had many improvements to show me, markedly the new led light bulbs which are making our boat much brighter. There was also a setback though. The faucet in the master head had started leaking, and if we left the water pressure on at the main breaker, the water pump kept running. So Chris started working on the faucet, which neither of us really understood. At one point, Chris removed a piece from one of the handles while the water was on and sent a fountain of water shooting up to the ceiling. It was quite entertaining. The faucet was fixed pretty quickly after that.

That night it rained rather heavily. It woke me up a few times and I had pangs of guilt over my Surly Pacer sitting out in the rain, chained up on the dock. We are on the waiting list for a bike box, but are still waiting for our spot. Chris got up in the middle of the night to check everything, as the wind was also pretty fierce. Of course I asked him about my bike and he replied that it was the first thing he checked on. He knows the words that make me happy. Later, we were woken again when a drip of water landed on Chris’ head–a dreaded event for any boat owner. One of the life line stays might be leaking, or it could be condensation from our breathing. The windows also had a lot of condensation this morning.

There’s a learning curve with our toilets. They have fancy flushing action with buttons that do a regular flush and another that if pressed down, fill the bowl with water and pressed up, flush dry. It works fine as long as it’s just number one. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. Hopefully the girls will be able to flush for themselves at some point.

I work today as well. Chris is working on the mast until I go, then he’ll take the kids to work off the wiggles. They’ll hit the pool and then we’ll meet for a much needed dinner out at the Barking Dog. Our favorite place to take the family for dinner.