Book coverThis book is not your typical fluff/mean girl/chic fiction, which is what the title lead me to expect.

Most of Homeroom 10B got the flu vaccination at the nurses office during lunch one day. By the next day they were hearing everyone’s thoughts, but even better, they could communicate with each other mentally. Was it a cool talent or a cruel joke? For each of them it meant something different.

I enjoyed the humor and the diversity of the characters (although actual racial diversity was one thing that could have made it more interesting–I think one character was described as dark skinned). There’s the mean girl, the know it all, the shy girl, the nice boy, the jock, the sleazy boy. They’re well written, believable and you can see how telepathy makes them better people and more understanding of others.

There’s enough sexual references to make it deliciously bad, but not so explicit to make it too scandalous for most teens.

Definitely a fun read.