We’ve only been home 2 days and I’m ready to go back. Yesterday was a fine day. I got to see my Nevadan Siblings for breakfast, then got a lot done at work. Did some texting with The Boy and set up the weekend plans.

Today has been another story. I got up early and pretty cheerfully and saw everyone off to school, then started some laundry. On my second attempt at switching to the dryer (do those timers ever really tell you how long it’s going to take?) I locked myself out of the house. In my bathrobe. Yes.

I managed to get back inside in less than half an hour. I won’t say how, but I was relieved. I’d envisioned waiting for the dryer to be done, getting some clothes and walking to the library to throw myself on their mercy to call The Mr. I didn’t want him to have to leave work or me to have to wait around until the dryer was done and dress in the basement…

That was annoying thing number one.

I did a couple more chores, then headed out on my bike to meet my friend Diva for lunch. The ride and the lunch went fine, although the topic was a sad one and by the end I was exhausted. I decided to ride right home instead of the longer training ride I’d planned. I sat on the couch, watched Castle and started coughing up a lung. The jury is still out if I am getting sick.

That’s somewhat annoying thing number 2.

I had to go get some sugar and a few other essentials a the store, and that’s when I discovered annoying thing number three. Poor patient Betty was vandalized. Her back little passenger side triangle window was broken out, three doors were left unlocked and as far as I can tell nothing was taken. It seemed both mean and dismissive at the same time. My imagination has come up with the story of a couple of ner-do-well young adults coming along, seeing Betty, thinking of a smash and grab then realizing they had the wrong car. They sat in her for a few minutes to get warm and moved on. I am a little surprised they didn’t take the hat I bought for The Boy in Mexico, but that was the only thing in there worth anything. The radio would be a real pain to get out of the dash, as are the speakers. They didn’t even take the change in the ashtray.

Poor Betty

Anyhow, do you think that the universe will align to give me some sun for tomorrow?

Do you think Betty will forgive me for leaving her in the rain with a busted window?