One week from now, this time, I should be at the end of my first day of STP.  I missed my last semi-long training ride yesterday.  I thought I had the day off, but was sadly informed that was not so by a coworker the day before.  I have my priorities straight though, I did get off a bit early yesterday to go to the International Beerfest at the Seattle Center with a couple of friends.

The new Mr. rode in STP in previous years but told me he’ll only ride next year if we do it in one day. I did ask for a boyfriend that would challenge me ;)  He’s not riding this year, although he is meeting me in Portland on Sunday and driving me back on Monday.  He’ll get to attend our celebratory dinner as well.  The first part of the weekend he’s moving his sailboat down from Anacortes to a much closer moorage.

I’m currently missing him since he and the girls are camping at Mount Rainier and I am stuck here working.  Crossword puzzle lady has called twice, which would be great to break up the time if she weren’t so annoying.  Soon I get to go home and partake of a bbq that my housemates are throwing.