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Ok, I’m back (I think, might be too soon to say).  The Boy and I have been setting up house, getting used to each other again and struggling with homework discipline.  He is coming around on the latter, slowly but surely.  His grades are good, but it’s early to say that and the hard projects are coming. I’m hoping we can get him into a healthy pattern before they start.  He seems to see the wisdom I’m preaching, when he isn’t rolling his eyes or telling me not to act like he’s stupid.  We’re working on it.

And “The Boy” just sticks for me.  I guess he will always be my boy, so not a big deal to call him such.  Especially here where he never bothers to tread.  I try to keep the embarrassing bits to myself anyhow.

So, libraryland is busy as always.  The new session of TAG is underway and while my group is smaller, it seems more solid.  I have a lot of kids back from last year and a few new people.  There are definitely a couple of dominating personalities, so I will be looking into learning about moderating meetings in that situation.

I took a beginning Excel class offered to city employees.  I expected to be bored for most of it, since I’ve been using Excel pretty often for the last 10 years, but I was pleasantly surprised that I learned something new through most of the training.  Part of it was learning where things are in the ribbon, which I admit has been making life difficult since the upgrade to Windows 2007.  I got my questions answered too, which will make me a better treasurer and would likely land me the temp job of my choice!

I also wrote my first “professional” blog post, over there–> It’s nothing revolutionary, but something I am interested in and not necessarily librariany.  I have some thoughts for a couple more, but need a few minutes at work to write them down.  Then I have some more reading and thought processing to do.

I had some fun with the pictures in the header.  They are all pictures I took, mostly around Seattle.  I like how they fit my mood and seem to fit my profession.

Ok, I’m off.  Lots to do this lovely Saturday that is likely to be the last sunny day in a while.  Ciao.


I just got home from seeing PJ 20 at the Cinerama.  It was recommended by another mom with a teen, and at first I thought mine would rather see Moneyball, being the bball player he is, but he readily agreed to see the Pearl Jam documentary.  My hope was to take his mind off not having friends to hang out with yet (which proved not to be true since he was offered a ride to see the football game tonight).  So, we went to sushi on Capitol Hill, then wandered downtown until the movie started.

If you’ve been on the fence about seeing this, let this tip you towards it.  The documentary was very well done and I am sure that the band is very proud of how it turned out.  Their voices were all there, not just EV’s.  I loved learning all the quirks and how they came together, what made them different from other bands and how they dealt with their fame.  I am not the most hardcore Pearl Jam fan–I’ve only seen them live once, a few years ago at the Gorge–but this show made me feel like I know them just a little.  I can’t say that someone that dislikes them would appreciate it, as there is definitely an angelic glow that covers even the most tragic events in their career, but if you do like them, see it.  You won’t be sorry.

Books!  I’ve been reading them…somewhat slowly lately.

I finished book 2 in the Monster Blood Tattoo series.  Lamplighter is the continuation of the story of Rossamund Bookchild, foundling and now apprentice lamplighter for the emperor.  Rossamund goes bravely into apprenticehood, and even though he isn’t good at everything, he makes up for it in perseverance and smarts.  Soon after arriving–a week late, as he finds he can’t live down–a young woman, Threnody, also joins the ranks and becomes a sometimes troubling friend.  Circumstances push all of the apprentices out into their profession a bit early, and Threnody volunteers to accompany him to a difficult posting.  During their time there, much happens to cause Rossamund to question who he really is.  Don’t forget the monsters and subterfuge.  I think we will learn more in book 3, Factotum.

The adventure is wondrous and the story strange.  If it weren’t for the fact that this book keeps me racing to the dictionary, I would recommend it to everyone.  It is not a light read, but very entertaining.

I am finally finishing up Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, which also had me consulting a dictionary.  Two heavy reads at the same time, it’s lucky I got through them both and almost at the same time.  I think I need some fluff to bring my brain back to earth.

I can’t say enough good about Perdido Street Station.  In fact, I can’t seem to say anything about it right now. It is amazing, the world that Mieville creates is mind blowing.  That’s not as much of a metaphor as it would usually be.  You’ll just have to read it yourself.