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I have been in non-bloggy mode for quite a while.  It might be that making it a future assignment took all the fun out of it, or it could just be that life is happening, as life does sometimes.  Summer is always a busy time and this one is no exception.  I haven’t really been updating anything else either–goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Google+.  My p-patch…ouch. I’m going over later today to check the damage.

I have my last Summer Reading Program this week–gaming.  The sun has finally come out in Seattle and unfortunately that means that kids probably aren’t going to show up to play games inside.  Hmmm, which reminds me that all of my table games are at another branch.  I’m going to have to get on that.

There will be a week of furlough, which will give me plenty of time to get The Boy (hmmm, he’s not much of a boy and I don’t want to perpetuate that now that he’s growing up.  Perhaps…) I mean, the K-Man ready for his new school.  Serendipity allowed him to get into the school I am responsible for and I am really happy that he will be in a place where academics matters, right along side of having fun and playing sports.  I feel like he will have a much better chance at succeeding here than at the area school he would have arbitrarily been assigned to because of our address.

What am I reading?

I got about 25% through Perdido Street Station before my check out time expired.  I really love it, as I seem to all things China Mielville.  I am finding that reading ebooks on my phone is not efficient–especially not adult novels.  Maybe a reader would be better, but I have my doubts.  I think I am going to save my ebook use for travel (of which I have none planned) and stick to paper for a while.  Since the hold list on Perdido Street Station has gone through the roof lately, I am going to borrow a copy from my sister to finish.

I also read several of the ARC’s that I got at ALA.  Most of these are quick reads, but satisfying.  Here’s a couple I remember fondly:

Tankborn by Karen Sandler–I believe this one is just hitting the shelves.  When earth became uninhabitable, the rich people packed up to head into space, but realized they needed laborers to build the ships and their new homes when they found a new home, so they brought some along as indentured servants.  This created an instant hierarchy and discord.  To placate the lowborn, the rich created another race to serve, these were the the Tankborn (rather than natural born).  These new people were enhanced with animal dna and given special skills that could help them in their labors.  Kayla is a tankborn and at the age of 16 she is assigned to help an old man with his basic needs, but things are not what they seem and Kayla finds herself in the middle of a quiet revolution that goes against everything she’s been taught.

Tankborn has a good balance of explaining the science behind the world and character development.  The class unrest and profiling felt very probable to me and everything was easy to follow.  The story was full of twists and I never felt like I knew what was coming, so it kept me interested all the way through.

Calli by Jessica Lee Anderson–I got to meet this author at ALA and we chatted a bit about our volunteer work with homeless and incarcerated teens.  She offered to Skype at the Juvenile Detention Center where I visit my mentee.  I’m not sure yet that I can pull off the technical side of things, but how exciting!

Calli and her two mom’s are inviting a foster sister into their lives.  Anderson captured the feelings of a young teen perfectly; the excitement of a new sister turning into the bewildered frustration of realizing that this person is not going to fit the mold that was in her mind.  The change in family dynamics and the maturity that Calli gained from the experience despite the embarrassment of realizing her mistakes all struck home.  Great book and would make a great addition to a foster family reading list.

I also have a copy of Anderson’s Boarder Crossing, which I am looking forward to.