I am finally back at work in a normal capacity.  Nothing blew up while I was gone–a sign of good planning?  I’ll take it as such.  I had two volunteers come in yesterday and two will come in today.  They are getting things done in a serious way–I haven’t had a regular volunteer since last summer and now I have 4!  Soon I will be hard pressed to find things for them to do.

I just found out that I got the day off I needed for a long ride with friends.  I was pretty hyper about it yesterday.  Now I just have to book the hotel and train ride home.  On the 4th, a few of us rode the Mercer Island loop, which from my house is about 45 miles.  It was easy peasy, so I hope that this 100 miles a day ride won’t kill me.

What am I reading?  I finished Ready Player One and I am having the hardest time giving it away.  There are several people that I think will like it. It’s the future, 2044, and the world is really falling apart.  Classes are very separated, with those scraping by living in squalid stacked trailers and many squatting in cardboard shacks outside of the cities.  Wade Watts is a smart kid.  He takes advantage of all that OASIS has to offer, goes to virtual school and hides all his scavenged equipment from his aunt, who would steal it to pay the rent and for drugs.  He’s also a gunter, someone playing the scavenger hunt-like game that could win him out of his poor surroundings.  No one has found a clue in the last 5 years and many players are ready to give up.

I found it refreshing that Cline doesn’t pound the reader with the “future will suck if you don’t fix…” mallet.  The future is what it is, and while one of the contestants does want to use the prize money to feed everyone, it is easy to see that more than money is needed to fix the world.  Some dystopian fiction seems to bang away with an agenda, and while I feel that saving our planet is important, I don’t need an otherwise exciting book to preach at me while I am trying to enjoy it.

I am now reading Hellbent by Cherie Priest and I am loving it.  Great distraction.  I feel lucky that I get to read so many fun/amazing/interesting/provocative books right now.  And most of them aren’t out yet.