I have not been to the strip once this trip. We’ve been thrifting and lazing and cooking. All things the Mister doesn’t get to do usually. I’m posting a couple of pictures from his balcony. You can barely see the pool where we spent some time on Saturday.

Today there are tons of kids running around and people bbqing at the little bbqs placed around the parklike grounds. Most places here are gated. Even the ghettos.

What am I reading? I just finished Bloodshot by Cherie Priest which was just the right amount of pulpy mystery vampirey goodness for a Las Vegas vacation.

I spent a long time on Overdrive last night finding my next book and settled on Fever Dream by George R.R. Martin, which is turning out to be a fantastic historical fiction fantasy, also featuring vampires. And steamboats.

An aside: who knew that SPL had a better ebook selection than KCLS? I guess I do now. Kudos to us!