There was actual sun today!  It was bright and shiny and it was still out when I got off work late.  There’s a kitty keeping me warm.

I’m back to riding to work and have added in most of my errand running (40 miles this week!)  I’m looking for a running partner to keep me on track with that.  Can I just say that trying to find a person to run with on CL is a pain in the ass?  I’ve gotten several responses to my ad.  Two of them send fragments that I can’t quite decipher.  We’ve sent several emails so I can try to figure out what they mean.  Another person sent a short but promising note, then never responded again.  The last one, that I got today, actually wrote an understandable email.  And is actually what I asked for in my ad.  I hope that one works out.

Work is going great.  My area looks awesome–weeded and tidy with display books everywhere.  My instruction team is creating new curriculum–Facebook and Word classes.  We are leading the system in classes.  My teen advisory group made a wonderful video about why they need their library.  They did the whole thing themselves, and I am so proud of them.

What am I reading?  I just got Red Glove by Holly Black in and I am so excited, I started reading it at work.  I am still reading Anna and the French Kiss at home.  Red Glove is everything I hoped it would be so far.  I like that the stories aren’t all tied up in a nice little contained package.  The writing is neat and tidy, but the story is gritty and messy, just as a gangster story should be.

I don’t know why this thought just ran through my head, but I am so thankful to the library.  If not for them, I could never afford the number of books and movies that I consume on a daily, weekly, monthly…you get the idea.  Not to mention all the articles I access through the databases.  Even if I didn’t work here.  Ok, I might not read as much…  Maybe only one book a week instead of 3.