It wasn’t a misunderstanding.  Only the alloted amount of programs will be allowed for the summer, so if I want to do my own, I have to forgo one of the others.  This seems a little strange since the centrally funded programs don’t require any participation from me besides an introduction.  I decided to keep the duct tape program and let the gaming program go.  While gaming gets a bigger turn out, I don’t get to interact with the kids as much.  Sitting down over duct tape and imparting my knowledge on how not to get all your fingers stuck together is a great opportunity to get to know more of the teens in my neighborhood.

I am disappointed in this decision.  It makes me feel like this great new strategic plan is just a front.  A placater for our library board.  It takes away our decision making powers and leaves us feeling like cogs in a machine; don’t deviate from the path or the whole thing might fall apart.  This is the second time my manager has approved something, only to have to come back and say no.  That must be frustrating to her as well.  Sigh.

What am I reading? I stayed up late finishing The Luxe last night and it ended just as I thought.  The author threw in a few doubts along the way, but I basically knew what was going to happen from the prologue.  Otherwise, it is a good book with lots of detail from the time and the characters, while not fully formed, are complex and compelling.  Not everyone is likable and even the main “perfect” character has flaws (which is a plus in my mind).

I am definitely enjoying The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson, even if it did start a bit too conveniently.  I think the set up could have been more in the background to avoid that.  However, Maureen has a knack for making her characters well rounded and interesting, as well as taking us to another part of the world in unbelievable circumstances and making them believable.  If this one started a bit rough, it recovered quickly.

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Cover for book 2: