It’s not very often that I get to combine two of my loves, books and cycling.  Except  when I ride to work, I suppose, but one might argue that work, while book related, is not always a “love”.  But now I have a real reason to get excited.  Bike Snob is coming to Seattle during the Seattle Bike Expo for what he calls a BRA–book related appearance.

Bike Snob is the kind of blogger who cannot offend me, despite all his attempts.  He has a masterful grasp of sarcasm and satire and constantly makes me laugh.  I have read his blog faithfully since I stumbled upon it last year.  Unfortunately, I have not yet read his book.  Guess I’d better get crackin’.  Or even better, I can buy a copy there and get it signed.  Maybe I was just looking for the right moment.

In libraryland we are planning Summer Reading programs–or I should say we just got done.  There always seems to be some controversy over interpretation of policy in these situations.  We were told we could have 3 system generated programs–things planned by our programming coordinator and paid for through central programming funds–which we would schedule with the performers.  The directions also said that any branch generated programs would have to be paid for and supported by the branch.  This would lead one to believe that those programs are possible, yes?  Some took that as a no.  So now we are fighting to have our couple of branch programs as well, where we librarians have ownership and get to interact with our patrons.  I will say that my manager was one who interpreted the policy the way I did and I am sure this is all a minor misunderstanding.  All I want is a duct tape program!  It won’t even cost anything because we already have kits ready.

What am I reading? I think I have too many things on my plate right now.

I have set aside No God but God and picked up The Luxe by Anna Godbersen, which is interesting historical fiction from around1900.  Right now it is seriously too predictable, but I am enjoying that the author has included both the rich elite of New York and the lives of their servants.   Usually a book will settle on one or the other, with the other half in the peripheral.  It is a bit like Gossip Girl during the horse and buggy days, with all the intrigue and backstabbing that you expect.

I have picked up two galleys I am excited about; Girl Wonder by Alexa Martin and The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson (I loved the first book in this series).

And I finished reading The Kneebone Boy by Ellen Potter. Three siblings have lost their mother under mysterious circumstances, and it has affected them in many ways. Their father goes away a few times a year and leaves them with an abhorrent neighbor, until one time late in the school year when he decides they can go visit their aunt Angela in London instead. It turns out there is a misunderstanding and Aunt Angela is away on a trip, leaving the kids stranded and alone. This is the leaping off point for all kinds of adventure.

And isn’t the cover great?