I can’t let my readers scare me.  I know there are some who are reading my blog in hopes to find some thing to report; to shame me or to prove that I dislike my son’s other family.  Just so you know, if you find some thing that fits your criteria, you have fabricated it to be so.  While we have our differences in parenting styles and social mores, I don’t think badly of them and in fact really respect the things they have accomplished since I have known them.  If the circumstances were different, if we didn’t have the history, I believe we could have been friends.

I ran from my last blog, which had a healthy amount of followers, when I found that some were scouring it for “bad things” to pass on.  I hated the idea of being watched like that.  I akin it to living in a small town, knowing all your neighbors and somehow garnering a bad reputation so that the local past time becomes spotting your next transgression.  It’s enough to make you want to pull up stakes and move out of town.  That is the cowards way out though and I won’t be doing it again.  If  you want to know what I am up to, you can continue to find out right here.  Hopefully the neighbors will get bored and start minding their own business, but I’m not counting on it.  I am also not making my Twitter private, as I think it takes away from the point of it all.  I will block trolls though.

I like this blog.  I plan to make it better and maybe stop being lazy and start including more pictures–at least of book covers.  I admit that I hate finding a cover, downloading the picture then uploading it again.  I wish there was some photo repository in the sky (or the cloud) where I could just link to the url.  Maybe Goodreads will let me use theirs…

Oh, and yes I have learned my lesson.  No more sarcastic twitter posts about misspellings.  Be nice and let the person know.  These days you can’t assume you are shouting into a void.  And I should help my friends, not mock them, however anonymous it felt at the time.