Disappointment in programming for libraryland.  Turns out all the wonderful programs I have planned have to be put on hold while managers figure out what we are doing on a system wide level.  I still get to do TAG and most likely the scavenger hunt, since that is a program they will be planning.  No game programs for now.

My first TAG meeting is tomorrow and I am excited to see all the kids.  It has been almost 2 months since I have seen some of them and there is likely to be a few new faces, by the interest I have seen.  I am going to break out the duct tape and Stick It for funsies.  The last time I tried making something with duct tape I had a big mess and tape stuck to my fingers.  I have two left thumbs when it comes to sticky materials.  We will also talk about making the video and break into groups to work on various parts.  We have two months to complete it and load it up to youtube.

Yesterday was so busy.  We had a ton of sick calls, the schedule was wrong for some folks, so there were less bodies than we thought, and three of our staff were sent elsewhere (none of us were sick).  It went ok, but on top of it, we were pretty packed all day.  There were young families I’d never seen before, lots of kids, a memorial service in the meeting room and a few service animals to top things off.  I won’t go into service animals.  I hope the young families weren’t put off by the chaos.  Yesterday was not a quiet day at the library.  There was one moment when the people in the memorial service started singing and we all looked at each other, shrugged and went back to what we were doing.  Here’s hoping that the Super Bowl allows us a quiet recovery day.

What am I reading? I finished The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood.  This is a cleverly written book that echoes and contradicts The Odyssey by Homer.  The main voice is Penelope, the wife of Odysseus and daughter of King Icarus.  There are always two sides of a story, and in this case there are three.  Penelope’s prose, talking of her faithfulness, her problems with her adolescent son and her myriad of suitors, is peppered with poems that tell various versions of what happened to the hanged maids.  This retelling of the classic tale will make your historical fiction, mythology and most feminist readers happy.  That last might open a bag of worms, as any time you say “feminist” someone will shoot you down.  However, Penelope’s is a strong voice, current with the times she lived in, and she fought to not become the toy of bullies and braggarts.  She was still somewhat a prisoner of the times though and felt compelled to conform to the norms, at least on the surface.

I am currently halfway into Beka Cooper, Terrier by Tamora Pierce.  One of the TAG group gave it to me for our secret gift exchange at the end of the last session.  I am really liking it so far.  Tamora Pierce has a really solid writing style.

I think my next post will go over some of the graphic novels I discovered during a webinar a couple of weeks ago.