Lots of fun things planned in Libraryland.  My new manager is great and I am seeing her a lot more.  We had our one on one yesterday and we discussed programs and outreach.  I am going to add one gaming program a month (mostly table games) starting in March.  TAG is going to work on a video project and we discussed ways of making a neighborhood scavenger hunt work.  The problem being, how do we send the teens out into the world without having to worry they will be hit by a bus or get lost?  Has anyone else done one of these?  What did you do?

My assistant and I are planning a Facebook class for the semi computer literate and to revamp our email class once again.  We have had  a lot of requests for the former and the later is giving us problems.  We changed our email class a while back because people were showing up for the wrong class-(email 1 is for beginners, email 2 is for those more advanced)-often people would show up for email 2 having never had an email account.  We combined the classes, but have found that it is too much to cover in one class and that we were still spending a lot of time on those needing to sign up for email accounts.  This time we are going to concentrate on email 1 and build in an extra half hour at the beginning for acquiring email accounts.

What am I reading? Still Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood, but I also finished the first omnibus of Girl Genius by Phil FoglioKaja Foglio.  I really like this comic, with it’s complicated plot and smart girl hero.  It is a steampunk comic (created before steampunk became such a cult craze) with dirigibles and something called spark, where those that possess it can make mechs that move on their own.  Agatha has always thought she was just a bad mechanic with big ideas.  Everything she made malfunctioned and wreaked havoc.  One day, on her way to class, her broach was stolen and everything changed.  Agatha is a strong female character, she knows who she is (well, mostly), what she wants and she isn’t going to let others push her around or make up her mind for her.