No complaints, no changes to the appearance.  Perhaps everyone gets updates through a reader these days.

I realized that I hadn’t posted the link to the podcast my TAG members made back in October–although it wasn’t live until early December.  So here it is.  Some of the sound is a little low; there was a fan going in the room that I couldn’t shut off without turning off the lights. 

It is supposed to snow today, but I think that Wednesday is more likely.  We never got the snow last week I was hoping for.  The temp today is holding at around 37* but it’s supposed to get much colder by Friday.  Too bad for my garden, which has managed to survive so far.  I should probably go pick all the collard greens and the little cabbages that are trying to get bigger.  The only casualty to the freezing temps last week was the rosemary.  It was growing so well previous to that, I thought it would make it through.  There are a few other things that I will turn under when Spring returns that just don’t look that edible right now.

What am I reading?  I just finished Dreadnought, which was lovely if somewhat unbelievable.  The zombie element gives things an interesting twist, but I just can’t quite get behind it.  I still enjoy the story though and it gives the impression of a well written penny-dreadful.

Tonight I will start Reckless by Cornelia Funke.  I have heard good things and can’t wait to see if they are true.