Does anyone find the text on here hard to read?  I realize that it might be a challenge, the small gray print.  Let me know–I don’t see it as often as you do.

My New Year weekend was very nice.  The Mister came into town to surprise me–at the library with flowers!  I had to restrain myself from throwing my arms around him right there.  We had a very laid back weekend.  He drove out with me to la-la-land to gather The Boy, I made us a couple of hearty dinners and breakfasts (they were on their own for lunch…) then sent him on his way Sunday afternoon.  The Boy spent most of the time doing geometry.

Libraryland is bustling right now after a week long slow down because of the holidays.  We are seeing a lot of people who got ereaders for xmas or Chanukah and are turning to libraries to fill their reading needs.  That means more competition for our digital materials and more frustration trying to use the service for the first time.  Usually once they get it to work once, they are golden, but the initial set up can be confusing.  Occasionally there is some kind of glitch where Adobe Digital Editions gets hung up over the ID and even if you put it in correctly and Adobe accepts it, permissions won’t transfer.

It is a bit depressing around here today.  Many of my coworkers in teen services are those who are affected by the budget cuts and today is their last day in their librarian positions.  Some of them are becoming assistant managers–a scheduling and circulation sort of management position–others are becoming Library Assistants–this particular position has some elements of librarianism, but is not professional and they have to try to stop themselves from doing the amount of reference they were doing up until today (it is hard to do less when you are helping the public, but they won’t be paid for that level of professionalism and if they do continue, they might be eliminating the need for more librarian positions).

What am I reading? I have started two books and I like them both.  Dreadnought, the third steampunk novel by Cherie Priest, is scratching my adult fiction itch.  The main character is nicely developed and the story is fun, somewhat suspenseful and action packed.

The other is a children’s book, along the lines of A Series of Unfortunate Events.  The Atomic Weight of Secrets or The Arrival of the Mysterious Men in Black by Eden Unger Bowditch is about 5 inventor-type children who’s parents are missing.  The children are at a strange school with a nice teacher, but where the Mysterious Men in Black visit.  I have really just started this one so I can’t tell you any more…except that it doesn’t come out until March 15th.