Well, my anxiety wasn’t mislaid.  We only had a handful of people at Holly’s event, but they were good engaged participants.  The TAG kids did such a great job welcoming Holly and decorating–we sent her home with a 3′ x 10′ poster they made.  I could tell she was tickled by the whole thing.  We also got to hear a couple of pages from her next book, which will be coming out next year and it sounded awesome.  I can’t wait to read it.  The teens just love her.

We also got an interview for podcast out of the whole thing.  I will link to it when it finally goes up–have to have some editing first.  It actually sounds pretty good right now, but my friends downtown will make it more listenable.  I still have to record an introduction.  Which brings me to the public speaking portion.  I am getting so much better at announcements.  For a while I had to read them (before that, I just sucked even when reading), but now I seem to be able to do it off the cuff.  I think I used to get nervous which made my brain go too fast and stop all together (at the same time), which led me to get all blabbered up.  I keep making myself do it though, and it seems to be paying off.  Today I picked up the phone/intercom and had the flyer in my hand, but instead I just said what came to mind and it flowed.  Same thing happened when I introduced Holly.  Yay, touchdown ME!

As for voting, I did my part.  All those other slobs, well, I don’t know why they can’t fill out some bubbles on the paper, slap a stamp and a signature on it and drop it in the mail, but it sure seems like a small percentage of registered voters actually voted.  I guess we will see in the next couple of days.  It being election day, maybe this is why hardly anyone came to our event…hmmm.

What am I reading? Behemoth!!!!!  Love it so far!