Finally some good news out of the changes.  As good as losing your Branch Manager can be, anyway.  My new Regional Manager is top notch–in fact all the people chosen to take those positions are great.  In this at least, they seem to have chosen the fresh and innovative, or the older and wiser (not necessarily in years, but experience).  Perhaps they are trying to throw a pall on the influence of the union, which is the reason why layoffs go by seniority.

Despite my earlier emotional confusion and survivors guilt, I can feel my thoughts settling and life is becoming much less of a chore lately.  As the cooking and cleaning shows.  I was pretty depressed when The Mister left and work was still up in the air (not that anything is for sure, but not getting a letter leaves me feeling a little bit better).  I still want to do whatever I can for my coworkers, to keep them in jobs.  I am just relieved that my mental well being is returning, because I was a crazy dumbass there for a little while.

Right now I am listening to Stars and waiting for my rice to get done for my Palak Paneer–which I have already sampled and am in love with.  Stars are lovely chill music and I can’t wait to see them live on November 6th.  I bought myself a single ticket because The Boy isn’t sure he wants to go to a show.  I will get him an all ages ticket later if he decides he wants to go.

What am I reading? I finished Skin Hunger last night.  It was a good story–Sadima is an orphan girl has a power she doesn’t understand and she goes to the city to meet a man who sees her for herself, rather than the mother who died birthing her or the ability that scares them.  He is everything and nothing that she hoped, as he is the slave of a man with a dark vision and only his will shall be done.  Her love binds her and keeps her in that dangerous place until one fateful night.

Hahp has been given to the wizards to sink or swim as he is able in a world where magic is used for everything.  Starvation brings out the need and the clarity to make his own food, but other boys are not so lucky.  Alternate chapters are told by Sadima and Hahp, detailing their lives, losses and hungers.  The title is not explained, but there are several things it could reference.  I recommend not reading the cover flap until you are done with the book, as it gives away a storytelling device that I was glad I didn’t see until after I finished the book.

Monsters of Men is just as good as I hoped (10 pages in…).  Gotta go finish my chores so I can go to bed and read.  Oh and dinner was absolutely delish!