This weekend has felt like a vacation.  I feel like I have been away from work for a week instead of 2 days.  I am going to go back to calling The Offspring The Boy instead.  It just rolls off the brain better.

So anyway, The Boy and I went and saw “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” today.  It was really well done–about a boy of 16 who is just not handling life well and has been contemplating jumping off a bridge to end all his stress.  He checks himself in to a mental ward of a hospital.  Cool Craig, as he becomes known, needs to find an outlet for his pent up thoughts.  3 North, the mental ward, helps him find that, with a little help from some of the other patients.  In particular is Bobby, who is both outgoing and deflective; he helps Craig and confuses him.  As the movie went along, I found myself moved to the edge of tears one moment and laughing in the next.  I wasn’t sure The Boy would like the seriousness of the film, but he looked at me sidelong on our way out and said “it was good, right?”  It was one of those that made you think, that made you realize that mental illness can happen to anyone, that the mentally ill are just as much people as the average person.

I cooked a lot this weekend.  Dinner on Saturday was meatloaf, spaghetti squash and salad, all the veggies came from my and a friend’s garden.  Tonight was ahi tuna pan fried with sesame seeds, collard greens with bacon, fresh basil leaves and tomatoes and red rice.  I also made yummy granola bars–apricot almond–and paneer that I will make into palak paneer when I get my csa tomorrow.

We walked the Step Out to Fight Diabetes walk with some good friends on Saturday too.  The rain held off for the whole walk, which was at Magnuson Park, and on our way back to the car we walked through the Wetland Nature Conservatory.  We heard a lot of interesting birds and frogs and the air smelled wonderful.  I don’t even know how to describe it.

Today we walked with my sister in the Arboretum and checked out part of their new Pacific Connection Garden where we saw plants with leaves as big as we are.  It was beautiful and wind-y and peaceful.  We got totally soaked on our way back when the sky opened up a few blocks from my sis’s place.  I had left my raincoat in the car.  How useful.

Tonight will be an early night.  The Boy has driver’s ed (!?!) early in the morning, which means we have to get up and leave even earlier, and then I work until 6.  Later this week I get to go see my good friend in Davis, which I am so looking forward to.

What am I reading? After picking up and putting down several things, I finally got into Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey.  I intend to go back to Born Confused, because I really like it, it just isn’t what I wanted right now.  I saw on my holds list that Monsters of Men has come in and I am so excited to read it.  I have to finish Skin Hunger tonight, or it might just languish with the others.