Yesterday got away from me.  I got a to Big D right on time yesterday, got my filling in an hour, went to the library to order a birth certificate, took the Offspring to lunch (half day at school) then went to his drop in conferences and actually got to talk to all of his teachers.  Not surprisingly, everyone likes him and having him in class, he needs to do his homework (and turn it in…) but he’s a smart kid with a lot of potential.  Somehow the conferences ended up taking longer than I thought they would.  By the time I went shopping and got home, it was 5:30 and I had an hour to get my place ready for my friend’s birthday party.  I didn’t quite make it and it left me feeling out of sorts the whole evening.

My house is a bit of a college style crash pad.    Basement apartment, hand me down furniture, a snake habitat, stuff in all the nooks and crannies.  My kitchen floor, which I painted right after I moved in, is coming off in sheets lately to show the concrete beneath.  There isn’t enough counter or storage space, so most of my kitchen appliances are right out in plain view, and these are not things I am interested in getting rid of.  I dream of having a house some day, with real furniture I picked out at a store (rather than off craigslist), a yard so I can have chickens and a garden and a lot less clutter.  I hope I am capable of the less clutter goal, because I hate it.

When the ladies came over for the birthday I was still doing the dishes and hadn’t gotten to vacuuming.  I gave up on the latter and true to form, everyone was in the kitchen all night anyway.  We had pizza, drank wine (except one who admitted that she was pregnant!!), toasted the birthday girl and ate cupcakes that another lady had brought.  It ended with promises to friend on Facebook.  None of us knew each other, except we all knew the birthday girl.

I think this weekend will be spent figuring out what I can get rid of.  It is terrible to have folks over then have to squeeze around them every time I need something out of the fridge.  It is time for a thorough clean out anyway.  I have planned a couple of times in the past months to do this and I get a little way in and I get distracted.  This time I will not falter!  (because otherwise I would be embarrassed I said I would do it so publicly and didn’t).  I will be living here for a while longer and I might as well make it more comfortable.