It’s been a tough week, but there are bright spots too.

On Wednesday I had some people over for games and we played Zombie Flux, which was pretty fun.  Several were fellow library employees and some work at another library system, so there was some budget and work talk.  The next day was the dreaded all staff meeting, where we got to see some cool stuff–our colleagues being awesome–and heard some PR stuff and how hard it was to balance the budget and how we are only losing a handful of people.  I don’t think it had the effect they wanted.  People still  have doubts about the system’s ability to continue providing excellent service with the upcoming changes.

Friday I participated in the flash mob the Friends of the Library put on in order to bring attention to the Library.  It was under attended and not well executed, but it was still fun and I got to see some library friends.  The idea was to show up and precisely at noon, to sit where ever and start reading.  However, everyone was talking to each other and holding a green friend’s bag, everyone sat down at random times rather than all at once and people kept trickling in after it started.  It continued for 7 minutes rather than the 2 I was expecting.  I hope the next one will be better organized.  The last one, which was a dance number at the Central Library, was very well attended and really cool.

Friday night was the union meeting and after we went for a drink.  I got home a bit late and fell into bed.  Saturday was a good friend’s birthday and again staying out too late.  I had to sleep in this morning but recovered nicely.  I rode to work, which was hard work for some reason, with a 2 hour stop at Greenwood.  When I arrived at my branch we made the coolest Halloween display.  I’ll try to get a picture to post next time.

Tonight I watched Greenberg and Seattle Chronicle.  I had been waiting to watch the first one because I was told it was depressing–and it was–and I wasn’t sure I could face it while I was still processing work stuff.  The second is interesting, but I am not sure how much I absorbed.

What am I reading? I have put down the other two books for now, but still intend to finish them.  I am currently finishing up the final Scott Pilgrim graphic novel.  My coworker lent them to me, since the library’s copies are in such big demand.  Scott Pilgrim is awesome.  ‘Nuf sed.