Tomorrow’s the big day.  Budget announcements.  I probably won’t find out about my specific job for a couple more weeks after that, but we will have a much better idea of where we stand tomorrow.  The City Librarian told us on Thursday that the cuts have decreased to 8% and managers tell us that at their meeting on Friday, they were told 7%.  That is certainly good news, but still a lot more than the budget cuts we have faced over the last couple of years.  Most of those were 1.5% and could be answered by eliminating empty positions and a week long furlough.  This is definitely not that.

One of the fear making issues during this budget cut time is the secrecy that the Mayor’s office puts around the decision making process.  I am not sure what the reasoning is behind this, but McGinn is not the only one.  Nickels really started the whole thing.  I found out recently that not only do the plans have to be secret, but our library council is not even allowed to talk to each other about it.  What?  Really?  These are the people who have to approve a final budget.  Is the Mayor hoping that by keeping them from talking to one another…trying hard to pull this out…that they will make better choices?  Or won’t have time to be informed enough to make different choices than the Mayor laid in front of them?  Can he really care that much about what cuts the library makes?  His comments up to now show he really doesn’t care about the library much at all, although he does like to use it himself occasionally.

In Libraryland, I keep on trucking.  Teen Advisory went great and we are well underway planning our first event.  I hosted Danger: Books at the middle school in my area recently and as usual, it totally rocked and inspired me.  The actors are so great and I love hearing my favorite books acted out.  I taught my first computer class in over a month and it went really well, with a full house.

What am I reading? I finally finished The Broken Teaglass a few days ago and found it a nice change in scenery.   The writing is dry and the characters are shallowly defined.  The only person you really get to know is the main character and at first he is one of the biggest mysteries of all.  Billy is new to Samuelson, a company that compiles dictionaries.  He feels lucky to have a job, being a newly graduated, but isn’t sure that being a lexicographer is for him.  He is also a reluctant mystery solver when a strange citation falls into his lap and it appears that someone has been murdered, but his new friend Mona talks him into taking the plunge.

I am almost done with The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller.  I was looking forward to this because I really liked both Kiki Strike books.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like this book…mostly.  I like the strong female protagonist, I like the story line: people who are born again and again because something is drawing them back, I liked the characters.  Sigh, I don’t like that the main character, Haven, can’t seem to tell when the others are lying to her.  Ever.  She is tricked time and time again by the same people.  Haven needs a big gong rung that says “trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, shame on me.”