So much!  My brain and heart are so full!

My lovely sister got married to her lovely fiancé.  The wedding was beautiful and perfect and it was so wonderful to see such wonderful people tie the knot.  Sister made a lot of what made the wedding special and it was cool to see all of that come together.  It was such a fun night.  Lots of dancing and I had my best boys with me.  The Mister came to town and we had a pretty amazing week.

On Monday I visited my friend who is leaving our system and she invited us to go sailing the next day.  We spent the day Tuesday on one of the Seattle Sailing Clubs boats with her, her husband and her sister.  We motored out to Poulsbo, had lunch at this fun little pub complete with penny beers, and scavenged in the local shops.  On the way back we got to put up the sails and I got to hold the wheel for a little while.  I’d love to do it again.

On Wednesday I helped my sister make her bridal favors in the morning and went to the Offspring’s school bbq in the afternoon.  It is funny watching him interacting with his schoolmates.  Because all 3 schools are on the same campus, all ages were at the bbq.  There was a group of middle school volleyball girls that seem to have quite a crush on him.  We recently had a talk about age appropriateness, so he was careful to try not to let them hug him while I was around.  The girl he has a crush on right now wasn’t there, since she is apparently home schooled.  She is 14 and supposed to be in 9th grade, he’s 16 and in 10th grade.  He’s not really allowed to date her, but they can be friends.  Being a parent to a teen is very interesting.  It is hard sometimes to know what the rules are myself, but we’ve had a lot of conversations lately about lines that cannot be crossed.  I hope he understands we aren’t just being stuffy old people.  Mostly we still get along, but he lies more now than he used to, and it is hard to know what is the truth.

On Thursday The Mister and I went out to St. Edwards Park and hiked around the trails there.  It is a really beautiful setting although the trails aren’t particularly long or difficult.  I had gotten some macaroons and a blackberry danish from Honore in Ballard when I picked up the umbrellas for Sister’s wedding.  We ate them in the car after our hiking and they were wonderful.  To top the day we went to Chateau Ste Michelle and the Columbia winery for a tour and some wine tasting.  I ended up joining at the Columbia Winery and got a really lovely Voignier to bring home.

Friday was the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.  The first went smoothly and the second was yummy.  We have some history of going to La Vita E Bella in our family, and have even visited there with the grooms family in the past.   Saturday was sleeping late and getting ready.  We showed up at the reception venue at 2:30, got everything ready then went over to St. Mark’s for the pictures and ceremony.  Despite not being a christian myself, I was impressed with the priest, who was a woman.  Since St. Mark’s resembles a catholic church, I have always envisioned some puffed up man in the usual get up full of pent up sexual rage (ok, none of the priests I grew up around really fit that vision either, but it sounds good, no?)  Elizabeth gave a fine wedding ceremony despite all those words about making babies to raise in the ways of the lord.

The reception was held at the Daughter’s of the American Revolution hall, which I didn’t even know existed.  I always thought that building was somehow connected to Cornish.  It is a pretty interesting space, with persian rugs and crystal chandeliers.  Plus they have lots of shiny wood floors that are great for dancing on.  We had a lot of good dancers out there, and the biggest surprise of all was seeing the mother of the bride out there shaking it up.  The Offspring showed that he has some pretty good moves and I got The Mister to join me for a couple of songs, too.

On Sunday everyone dragged their asses out of bed for more fun.  Some went to the bride’s mother’s house for brunch, but we didn’t make it until the bbq at our dad’s place.  I got another chance to see family that had left the previous evening’s shenanigans early and we ate lots of good food and had left over wedding cake.  It was a nice end to the weekend.

All right, I am too tired to talk coherently about what I am reading right now.  I’ll try to get to that in the next couple of days.  There is also more on the budget front, but I have mostly been trying to let that go at the moment, since there is nothing I can do about it.  I did have an awesome TAG meeting (Teen Advisory Meeting) and I will write more about that later.  Tomorrow is cleaning day so I had best go get some sleep so that I can actually get something done.