Ah, the sh** is coming down now.  There was a notification yesterday about our new service model.  It seems as if we don’t need as many librarians as we currently have.  Isn’t that good timing with the budget cuts coming?  There can be a bunch of librarian lay offs because hey, we don’t need them and they get paid more, so we can just replace them with lower paid clerks.  Clerks can answer questions at the reference desk and the few librarians left can do outreach and programming.  Two birds and all that.

I am feeling pretty dark right now.  It isn’t just the cuts and lack of respect for the profession (although that would be enough).  Things are building up with the Offspring as well.  We always want to think the best of our children, but they do screw up sometimes.  Let’s just say that OS seems to be piling up the screw ups lately.

Gotta run off and talk some smack with some library ladies.  Maybe this will help.