Do I sound excited?  I actually am despite my sarcastic tone, since I get to go visit the Mister in Las Vegas and I haven’t seen him in 2 months.  Sigh.  And the furlough doesn’t hurt as much because the system figured out the percentages and took a portion from each paycheck rather than one big divot in our regular pay.   Next year won’t be so cushy.

Vegas is spendy!  Most of my time will be spent pretty domestically, hanging out with my sweetie at his apartment, hiking, grocery shopping.  The usual.  The planets have aligned though for the labor day weekend, when several of my friends and my sister are going to meet me there to have some fun.  We are probably going to see Love at the Mirage and I would really like to go to Rain at the Palms to see Paul Oakenfold, but the price and the wait to get in might keep my friends from braving it with me.

What am I reading? I finished my review book for Teen Services, The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood with the Duchess of Northumberland.  Well, it reminded me of the many retellings of fairy tales we have seen in the last 5 years, except that it is an original story as far as I can tell.  The setting is beautifully constructed and the characters are both likeable and hateable, as they should be, but I couldn’t make myself care.  It felt like one too many of the same sort of story.  Girl loves boy, boy loves her back, they are torn apart by evil, evil is defeated, but no happy ending for you.  I don’t usually think every story needs to have a happy ending or have all its loose ends tied up, but this one left me hanging.

Point in fact, I loved Tell me a Secret by Holly Cupala.  Miranda is a teenager with problems.  Her sister is dead, her mother is hard to live with and her father rolls over far too easily.  What could make it worse?  Getting pregnant by the first boy you ever have sex with.  It makes the mother impossible, the father avoid coming home and Miranda’s feelings of abandonment so much worse.  Things at school don’t help, where she loses friends and her boyfriend to rumor and speculation, along with her own awkward ways of dealing with her issues.  Miranda is a deep character and Cupala captures the heart and mind of a teenage girl in crisis perfectly.  (I should know, I used to be one ;)  And all the conflict is not tied up in a nice package at the end, but it does give a feeling that the future can be redeemed.