The last two Tuesdays, I rode my bike and something weird has happened.  I locked it outside as usual and when I came back after work, the front of my bike was covered with some white powdery substance.  I know it wasn’t like that when I rode in the morning, and I checked on it during the day and it wasn’t there then either.  Here are some pictures:

It doesn’t show up well here, but you can see it in the cracks.  It looks like it was a liquid that dried powdery.

This takes me back to working at a contract post office during the anthrax scare back in the early 2000’s.  All fears were of white powder, delivered in an envelope.  When I googled my problem, I found articles on white powder delivered to different offices in Seattle.  Some as recent as July.  I know that isn’t what this is, but it is still the first thing I thought of.

In libraryland, I have been having fun making papercrafts for my display and I intend to spread the fun to my teen advisors when they come.  I get Giant Robot at my branch and they have these cute little guys in there called Castle Crashers that is an ad from Behemoth (they make video games for several different consoles).  They also have a generic Castle Crasher guy posted on the internets if you want to try one yourself.  This is how I am distracting myself from budget cuts.

What am I reading? I have two books going at the moment, but I only remember the one I am reading at work currently (I should really be in bed).  Nathan Ambercrombie, accidental zombie.  This is a Juvenile book where a teased boy goes to get his emotions wiped, but instead gets some chemical goo spilled on him.  This is as far as I have gotten so far.  Excuse me while I go fall asleep somewhere.  I hope.