When I was 18, life was still relatively easy.  I hadn’t met my future husband yet and my son wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye.  I worked at groceryland and almost liked it, had a few good friends and a lot of potential even if I wasn’t realizing it.  My semi-bad bike accident was behind me and the road rash had healed nicely.  18 was a good year.

A lot has happened since then, both good and not so good.  I have a wonderful child (most of the time, he IS a teenager ;) and even if my marriage didn’t work out, it did work out for the best.  I have traveled and learned and seen many things.  Now I find myself back at trusty number 18.  Not my age this time, but it is my number and I sure hope it isn’t up.

Actually, my number is probably lower now.  There are a few librarians hired after me that have left for a surer thing.  A co-worker who was hired a couple of years ago who is a 1 or 2 got a super cozy and cool job at the next county north.  I think I am most jealous of her weekends off.  I miss the idea of weekends off, because I have only had one job that had that as a benefit, and that might have been the only benefit to working there at all.  (I still have scars.)

Months ago all regular employees got a letter stating their seniority number and mine was 18.  I have a feeling that we will be getting another such letter in early October and that my number will be 15 or 16.  How many librarians will get laid off?  I don’t know, but a 10% budget cut isn’t looking particularly good.  A friend pointed out the folly of this system of laying off the newest employees firs: you get rid of all your fresh ideas, all your enthusiasm while keeping the tired and downtrodden.  You also keep the experience and the knowledge, of course.  I am sure admin would rather cut the chaff as they see it, but they have to follow the rules.  Even if we might want to keep the young fresh fellows, we all understand the fairness of keeping those with more seniority.

I don’t even want to think about my coworkers with lower numbers than me.  I could so easily be in their shoes, and who knows, maybe I will be if we lay off 18 librarians.  It could happen.

What am I reading? I just finished Ship Breakers by Paolo Bacigalupi  and I loved every minute.  I was able to snag it from a fellow TSL at our last big meeting so I didn’t have to wait for the holds to be done.  A bit of futuristic adventure, Nailer works on light crew, stripping ships of their inner copper cables to make quota for their crew.  Nailer has a lucky day, falling into a room filled with precious oil only to find his only way out is through a hatch, losing the oil and getting himself injured at the same time.  The lucky part is that he lived.  A city killer storm hits and he and his friend find untouched salvage–one of the amazing tall sailed clipper ships that Nailer dreams after.  It is wreaked beyond repair, but holds more than Nailer ever imagined the world could provide.

A while back