Wasn’t yesterday beautiful, fellow Seattleites?  We waited a long time for this summer to come but now that it’s here, it is amazing.  I celebrated my Wednesday off with decadent musings with iAsshole while cruising Green Lake.  There were many hilarious moments, which we often have when we were together.  There were also a couple of awkward ones that we had no control over.  At one point, a large man on roller blades yelled “hey, Red” at her while we walked by.  I wanted to say, “that’s pink to you, buddy.” but she just replied with a dismissive “Was’ up?” and we moved on.

The Offspring and I had a fun time wandering the streets of Seattle after I got home from my walky/talky date.  We went to Pike Place and braved the crowds for a little while–tourists…  We decided to escape that crush by going to a movie.  I do not recommend Dinner with Schmucks.  It had a few redeeming moments, but it definitely a DVD watch.  We ended our day with Sushi Mori, which is rather expensive for the atmosphere, but has wonderful sushi.  The Offspring was a lot of fun to be with.  No “I’m bored”s or complaining.  He even carried his stuff in a backpack instead of trying to foist it off on me.  His idea.

In libraryland, the weeding is going slowly.  I had a full day off desk on Tuesday that included a Teen Services Meeting and teaching an introductory email class.  My comics and graphic novels order has to be in tomorrow, so I will just have to get ‘er done. Time flies.

What am I reading? Pump Six and Other Stories by Paulo Bacigalupi.  This is the book of short stories where the idea for Windup Girl came from, although I haven’t gotten to that one yet.  So far there have been several different possible futures for man kind, most of them involving a very different moral compass than I would be comfortable with.  The story I just read featured three mining security officers who’s bodies still resemble humans, but heal almost instantly and can consume almost anything as food.  They find a real dog out in the wastelands around the mine and almost kill him through carelessness.  The only other animals they have ever seen were in a zoo.  I find these stories fascinating and Bacigalup creates a believable and vibrant world.