Sometimes I just can’t believe we are going forward with the teen advisory group at my branch.  I keep expecting to get a phone call where someone tells me they like my initiative, but this just isn’t the time.  However, on every step of the way I am getting support.  It feels a bit like a dream.

I had 8 teen girls and one younger boy (probably 1o or 11) come to my Cute Creatures program today, so I was able to plug the advisory group.  At least a couple of them looked interested and took flyers.  We had a lot of fun making felt guys.  I made a bad guy and he turned out pretty good despite my glue fiasco.  Fabric glue doesn’t work well on felt, and when it is black, it just makes a mess.  I still have black spots on my fingers.  Sewing the little pieces on worked much better, which I knew, but I tried it anyway.  None of us, aside from the boy, could do a french knot, either.  He showed us how he did it, but it still didn’t work for any of the rest of us.  He is the only one besides me that finished his guy, too.  He was amazing.  Everyone had a good time, though, sewing, eating snacks, listening to the radio.  It is close to what I want the advisory group to be, but with (teen) boys, too.

I am weeding comics and graphic novels and am about half way through the manga.  I realize that I can do a dusty shelf print out or even have the LAIV do this job, but since this is my first year at the branch and I don’t know the collection well yet, it is smart to hold each book in my hand, look it over, check the circs and the condition and decide if its time has come to meet the Friend’s booksale.  I also have a comics and graphic novels order to complete by next Friday, so it wouldn’t hurt to know what holes we have in our collection.  I actually like weeding, aside from the monotony (put a load of books on a cart, take them to the desk, in between patron questions scan each book to check for the last circulation date, look at the condition of the book, put the book either in the keep pile or the weed pile).  It gets a bit mind numbing if I do it for too long.

What am I reading? I am finishing up Dead Tossed Waves and the verdict is good book/annoying character.  The main character is stronger than she realizes and this gets a little irritating as time goes on as she is constantly wondering why people like her, what is wrong with her, etc. etc..  The story is pretty good though, and I would say very original if it weren’t for the fact that right now it is back tracking through some of the ground from Forest of Hands and Teeth.  I like that too though, as it reminds me what came before without actually spelling it out for me.  So there you go.