I have had more vacation this year than any I can remember.  I barely touch down in between and yet I have to be a grown up and make this job my own.  I came back from Chelan feeling ready to be creative with my teen advisory group plan and I feel like I hit it on the head.  I don’t know for sure, but I will certainly find out in September.

The garden keeps surprising me with its yield, especially since I have been so neglectful this year.  I had 2 nice cauliflower heads (well, out of 6 plants, not as good as I could have wished), my carrots are actually becoming carrots, despite my earlier fears, and I have had some nice strawberries and snap peas.

I am still riding several days a week, a little under 12 miles a day and I started to keep track of my eating.  Not to lose weight, but just to see what I am up to.  My caloric intake isn’t bad, but I sure do like the sugar and carbs, which are basically the same thing to the body.  I am going to try to shift my eating to more protein and veggies.  I eat a lot of fruit and bread (and cheese, and…) and it doesn’t help that we have a magnificent bakery just down the street from work.  PCC is a bit further away but I think I should make the effort and change my habits.

Yesterday evening I went to a book release birthday party for Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala and it was inspiring.  She is such an amazing person and her book is really beautiful and well written (the part I have read and heard so far).  I bought a copy last night–she and Secret Garden Books were donating proceeds to World Vision’s Hope for Sexually Exploited Girls–but my feet couldn’t wait in the HUGE line to get it signed.  I hope she will grant me the honor later.  Congratulations Holly!

What am I reading? Well…I know I said I was going to read Pump Six next, but then Dead Tossed Waves came in yesterday and I just couldn’t help myself.  I have heard both good and bad things about it, although I don’t remember distinctly what–it is better that way, then I can just form my own opinion.  I am only about 20 pages in, but I like the way Carrie Ryan sets up the atmosphere, setting and back story.  I am on my way.

However, I will be watching some dvds tonight so that I can get some crafty stuff done.  I will start with the IT Crowd.  I saw a couple of episodes of this back when I was in graduate school and thought it was totally hilarious.  But I was in graduate school and a little funny in the head then, so who knows.  I also have Crazy Heart and Invictus.  In the interest of going to work tomorrow, I probably won’t watch all 3, but I am hoping for two.  Any favorites?