Ahhh, leaving tomorrow for camping.  I am going to drive slowly along highway 2 and just breath.

Speaking of breathing, I am feeling like a hypochondriac.  I had some allergies, as I do every year (sore throat, congestion).  Did some work with the netti pot and they got better.  However, I still have a cough occasionally, my back/ribs ache, I am more tired than I should be and it reminds me of when my dad had pneumonia last year but didn’t know it until he went to the doctor.  I get little flash fevers and headaches too, but I am not sure… Ah well.  If I still have these things when I get back from soaking in the eastern Washington sun, then I will make an appointment.  It seems weird that I could be as active as I am and have pneumonia, but then Dad rides even more than me.

My youngest brother came over this week and finished the beer making process with me.  We moved the beer into a bottling bucket, then added the priming sugar and bottled.  The color was nice and I think using a bottling bucket will lessen the amount of sediment we’ve had in previous batches.  There were certainly a lot of yeast turds left at the bottom of the first bucket.  It was a beautiful day and the landlords brought us some lovely watermelon.  We sat out in the yard eating huge wedges of watermelon and soaking up the rays.  It was a nice end to a good day.

My teen advisory group is going forward.  My manager is really excited about it and I am starting to get excited too.  I know I should have been earlier, but I was so ready to be shot down again, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  I am going to start a soft promotion next week when I visit the local community centers.

I have been seriously missing the Mister this week.  He is so far away and I have slowed down on all of my social activities.  I filled up my date book with friend dates and outings the first few weeks, then went to Boston, and I didn’t have time to miss him.  This week I have been home most nights, reading or watching Doctor Who or Bollywood movies.  My couch is lonely, my room is lonely, my kitty is lonely.  But I also like being home rather than busy all the time, so I guess I had just better deal.

What am I reading? Mainspring by Jay Lake.  I like it!  It reminds me of a cross between Leviathan and Bloody Jack.  I haven’t seen any reason why it is in adult rather than teen yet, but that may still be coming.  It is a bit slower than most teen books, but the protagonist is a young adult that goes on an adventure to fill a quest given to him by an angel.  Sounds YA to me.