The union conference has been interesting for sure. Right now allegiance is split in two. Basically it is the yellow shirts against the blue. Yellow is Lee and blue is Donahue. And now you know as much as I do. The sides have been obnoxious and contentious and I am inclined to not vote for either. I can’t believe how rude they are both to each other and to people who want to actually conduct union business. It is tiresome.

There have been some amazing speakers here, though. Today we heard Ted Kennedy’s wife, Virginia. There was a tribute to his life and dedication to labor first. He seems like he was an amazing man. It makes me want to read more about him. Yesterday we saw a similar tribute to Bill Lucy, the secretary/treasurer who is vacating the contended office. He also seems a visionary figure, very influential for the union both within and without. He then spoke and despite his advanced age, he still had a strong and inspirational voice. He will be missed in union leadership.

I got to see the Boston Public Library yesterday. It is a beautiful building and has amazing artwork. I will post pictures when I return. Today I joined my step-father for lunch. He and his wife happened to be in Boston after helping my brother move to Virginia. We went to No-Name restaurant and the seafood was wonderful–simple but perfectly cooked. Tonight is a boat tour of Boston Harbor.

What am I reading? Still Fallen by Lauren Kate. Sigh. Reminds me of Twilight. That is all. I hope to be done soon so I can start White Cat by Holly Black.