But at least it is a dry heat. We returned the rental that has air conditioning this morning, then had to go run an errand in the pickup with the u-haul attached and boy was that fun…

We have been in Vegas since Tuesday night and while it has been nice staying at Suncoast, I feel like I am going to die if I eat any more meals out. Not much choice at the moment, though, because we haven’t heard back about the rental we looked at yet and we don’t even have a microwave in our room. Tomorrow we are homeless because our hotel is full for the weekend and the u-haul has to go back. Wish us luck.

It has been funny watching Suncoast turning from a large glitzy ghost town to a full house of elderly guests and families. I can’t tell if the slots are getting louder or if they just make more noise with more people playing them. I have yet to drop a dime in one and I admit it makes me sad to see the older folks with their walkers sitting like zombies pressing the buttons over and over. When I was a kid I thought it would be totally cool to play slots, but then that was back when you actally dropped in a quarter and pulled a handle to make it go.

We enjoyed the pool yesterday and had the best dinner of our trip last night at an Italian bar and grill called Carrabba’s. Lobster mac n cheese is all I have to say on that. Oh, and Yummmm.

What have I been reading? I finished up Burning City and liked it quite a bit. The kid wasn’t a terribly reliable narrator-you couldn’t tell if his bicycling feats were real-but otherwise I liked him, partially because he wasn’t predictable.

I also finally finished Unwind by Schusterman. It was quite good and another one to give Uglies or The House of the Scorpion fans.

Sorry no links, and maybe no coherence but I am writing this on my iPod.