I wish it were to dessert… bad one, I know.

Tomorrow we begin the 3 day journey to Las Vegas, which will be the home away from home for the next year.  We stop in Bend tomorrow night to enjoy the Old Saint Francis School, then on to Carson NV to visit my sister and celebrate my birthday.  We will stay for a day, then head on to Las Vegas.  The temp is already in the 90’s, and I know after all the rain we’ve had, I shouldn’t complain…I’ll just say that heat and I don’t get along well.  The Mister starts his residency in 2 weeks.  Exciting!  And sad :(  I will miss him and he professes that he will miss me too.  This is going to be a tough year.

Today I finished up bike to work month with 224 miles, and it was hard.  It has been really rainy this week, and while I enjoy a little rain to keep me cool, this rain was the drenching kind.  It got inside my rain gear, soaked my shoes and the day I didn’t put my rain gear on, made my jeans so wet I could wring out a small stream of water.  Yesterday I rode downtown for the first time for a work meeting, then up to Wallingford for a hair cut, which required a ride up Stone Way.  I was so sore today.  That hill is a killer.  Those extra miles don’t even count, as bike to work month is only for biking to work and home.  I made it though and plan to continue when I get back from vacation.  I will probably throw in a run or 2 a week also, depending on the sleep schedule.

What am I reading? Burning City by Ariel and Joaquin Dorfman.  I am only a few pages in, but liking it.  The narrator reminds me a bit of  I am the Messenger.

I just finished Gregor the Overlander and it was quite fun.  It is nice when an author has a big success and the stuff she wrote before was just as good.  It gives you more to look forward to.

I got a sneak peak at the first 2 chapters of Tell me a Secret by Holly Cupala and I can’t wait to read more.