Usually when I don’t post for a while, I am still thinking about posting and feeling guilty for not getting around to it.  A sign that my life is super eventful (in an everyday is busy in a mundane sort of way) is that I haven’t even thought about posting.  I sort of forgot I had a blog until I ended up with a few free hours this morning due to a canceled run with friends.  I was clicking around in my usual internet haunts, sad by the lack of new content when I spotted WordPress in my Chrome lineup and went “duh, speaking of lack of new content.”

Why has life been so busy?  Lots of work meetings, interviewing new volunteer candidates–I am actually going to have to make some tough decisions this time–, Bike to Work month–186 miles ridden in May as of yesterday–, planning for a union conference in Boston in late June that I just found out I would be attending and The Mister is getting ready to leave for his adventure in surgeoning.  In fact, we are leaving on Saturday to drive him to the land of deserts and gambling.

We had a grand send off party for him last weekend.  Many of his friends and family came, as well as mine.  The weather held just long enough to get us through.  I made some tasty ribs and salmon, tabbouleh salad and Parmesan chive biscuits.  The Mister got to spend some time with his childhood friend and it made me smile to see them together.  My best friend, who is also moving away for residency, was able to be there for a while.  I am going to miss her so much.  Luckily her new home is on the way to his, so when I road trip in November, I can stop in and visit.

In my chats with people about Bike to Work Month, I have realized that despite my list of “pet peeves” in previous posts, I have been largely unmolested on the roads.  I know that some drivers dread seeing a biker in their lane, imagining the worst–and some riders live up to that.  I don’t feel that I am one of them.  I am overly cautious when it comes to signaling turns and making sure that I wait my turn at lights and stops.  I have occasional slip ups, but I do as a driver too and I think that everyone does.  This month I have ridden more than ever and had fewer problems with drivers than I ever have as well.  I have also not seen as many stupid biker tricks as I have in the past.  Good for you Seattle.

And speaking of pet peeves, why is it that the hills never get any easier?

What am I reading? I finished Bitter Seeds and heartily recommend it.  The writing really draws you into the story and while the settings aren’t overly described, I found myself picturing clearly the race through France to the Channel, the doctor’s home, and the barracks where Milkweed was housed.  The characters were sparely described as well, but you didn’t feel that they were unformed, just somewhat mysterious.  I am looking forward to a sequel.

I just started Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins.  She is the same woman who wrote Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  Gregor is the first book in a series that she wrote earlier for younger children.  I am giving it to the Offspring next, as I think he would really like it.  I can’t wait until Mocking Jay comes out…sigh.