So this was my 10th day riding and my 136th mile this month.  Go me!

Still noticing a few things.  I swear a lot more riding than driving, but I think that ultimately it is less stressful.  I mostly swear when I mis-shift on a hill, a driver does something stupid that affects me (or for that matter when it doesn’t affect me), a cycler does something stupid that could have turned out badly (still a mommy in here, I know…) or when I get a bug in my mouth.

The bug thing kind of has me dreaming about a mesh face mask made out of window screen material.  At first I was thinking in the style of one you would wear when sick or working with noxious chemicals.

Then I was thinking of those masks you can wear snowboarding.  Both seem too hot, but made of mesh, they should be ok.  In my daydreaming–realizing that I would look seriously strange wearing such a thing–I imagined painting part of a face on it so that it still looked like a person.  Sure, maybe some day.

New and remembered pet peeves while riding:

1. Riding uphill in the sun sucks.  I get so hot and the biggest hill is always right before I get where I am going, either home or work.  Today I arrived with a seriously red face and on the way home I had to walk for a block to get a headache to recede and my head to stop pounding.  I don’t know what I will do for the rest of the summer.

2. Now that I have put my seat higher, my knees are happier but my back is killing me.  I find myself hunching over.  I might need to raise my handlebars a bit.  Or I could go get a professional fitting (which they supposedly did when I got this bike…).

3. People walking 4 abreast on the Burke Gilman Trail.  Ok, fine with me if you do this, but when a bicyclist says “on your left,” get the frick out of the way.  I gave you plenty of time and your buddy got the hint.  When I say “thanks” when I can finally go by, you should add “a***ole” on to the end, or just substitute “f-you”.

Ok, some things I love about riding:

1. How beautiful the Lake or Canal are when I go by.  Any weather, they are beautiful.

2. Smiling at families riding together.

3. Racing down hill in my highest gear, can’t pedal anymore, just feeling the air whiz by.

What am I reading? I just finished Thief Eyes by Janni Lee Simner.  It took me a little while to get into it, but when the plot turned towards norse mythology, I got hooked.  This one is different from Bones of Faerie, in that it is set in modern times with modern teens.  Iceland is an interesting place to visit with all of its geological activity–volcanoes (hmmm, prophetic?) and earthquakes.  Reading this so soon after seeing Under the Great White Northern Lights and reading about the volcano eruption gave me a feeling that information is cyclical and it is my time to know more about Iceland.