Things are busy, but not worth blogging about, which is why my posts have been sporadic and kind of dull.  I am finalizing a second round of classes for Summer and getting sworn in as Treasurer of the Union today.  I have been successful biking to work every day except Monday, when I took the Offspring to school.  Oh and the Offspring turned 16 that day as well.  Crazy stuff–I find myself glad he isn’t getting his license for a while, partially because I don’t want all the changes at once.  I can’t wait to get him out in a parking lot with old Betty though.  His first swing at a standard clutch should be … fun :)

As mentioned before, I was already riding about twice a week, but I find that I notice more details when I ride every day.  Like my soft brakes.  I kept meaning to look at them, but this week I finally fixed them.  I also realized that my seat must have slipped, so I fixed that as well.  Here are some non repair/maintenance things I have noticed.  These could be called pet peeves.

1. Runners in the bike lane: this is on the street around Greenlake.  Really?  Why?  There is a perfectly good gravel trail 3 feet to your right where I will not do you bodily harm trying to pass between you and cars.

2. Clouds of tiny bugs around Greenlake, but also in Ravenna.  Stupid things are invisible during certain times of day.  I really don’t need the extra protein or additional matter in my lungs, mouth, throat, nose, etc.  I often find them clinging to my clothes when I get where I am going.

3. Drivers, please treat me as a car!  I don’t want you to stop for me to cross the road.  This only holds up everyone (and looks silly when you are the last car in a line and I could have crossed behind you really easily).  I also like to stick with the right away on back streets–don’t stop for me if I am on your left and don’t try to rush through if I am on your right.

4. This probably sounds like the opposite of above, but drivers, please don’t hover behind me.  Pass if you can with 3 feet of space.  otherwise you feel creepy stalkerish.

There are more, but it is time for work.  Ciao.