Had a wonderful, if too short, weekend off.  Two of my brothers graduated and I got to be there for one of them.  I have such talented siblings.  It was nice to spend time with my family and to take a trip with the Mister and the Offspring.  Totally missed the sun here in Seattle–it was patchy in Spokane–but at least it is supposed to get nice again tomorrow.  I am going on a visit to a high school tomorrow with some colleagues and I might see a couple of my teen volunteers there.  They are really doing a nice job for the library and one of them helped out at an author visit over the weekend while I was away.

One of my volunteers at University is applying for jobs with the library and I have been helping him with interview tips and letter editing.  He is a great kid too, graduating this year and going to the local university next year.  I hope all his hard work pans out and he gets a student position.  He gave me chocolates from Frans to thank me and I dutifully shared them with my coworkers (although they seem to be not taking any because they are my treat).  Help me eat the chocolate!  Please!  :)  And I can verify that they are really good.

The Offspring turns 16 today.  I can barely believe it.  I took him up to school this morning after getting him breakfast and chocolate milk.  That is our biweekly tradition, really.  I am taking him shopping in a couple weeks for most of his present.   We got to celebrate over the weekend with family and it was wonderful.

What am I reading? I keep skipping around right now.  I am still enjoying This Book is Overdue but am also listening to book 4 of the Bloody Jack series: In the Belly of the Bloodhound.  I super love this series and think about it when I am not listening to it.  The reader does a wonderful job in the audio version, doing all the voices, and there are many with a ton of different accents, with skill.  In this book, Jacky has returned to Boston to outrun a price on her head and goes back to the Lawson Peabody School for more lady learning.  On the day of a scheduled outing, she and her entire school are kidnapped and only Jacky Faber can get them out of it.  The details of the time are well researched and described, making the series a good read for those who like historical fiction, but also scratch the adventure itch for those who are Harry Potter lovers.  Give them a read!