I’m feeling rather accomplished today.  Mostly in the baking and shopping departments.  I made cupcakes as a trial run for the Mister’s going away party, some protein bars and some bread.  The bread is still baking, so I guess there is still room for disaster, but otherwise everything turned out great.  I also got 85% of my shopping done for birthdays and graduations.  There are just way too many this month: 1 sibling, 1 Offspring, two parents’, one step parent and 2 friends’ birthdays , 3 sibling graduations and Mother’s Day.  Yikes.  We are heading to Spokane this weekend for what I just realized the last time in a while.  My last brother is moving his family to Washington DC, so there will be little reason to go there aside from the Mister’s family and since he will be in Las Vegas, still little reason.  That’s ok, I will be super busy traveling to other places.

Speaking of traveling, I already have 2 trips planned to Las Vegas, aside from actually getting him there.  Furlough week and Thanksgiving week.  I just hope I can get the Offspring this year and that his grades are good enough so he can take a few extra days off.  We will stop in Cali to visit good friends, Northern Nevada to visit my sis and Las Vegas for a holiday with the Mister.  Road Trip!

Biking to work is going well.  I made it 4 days in a row for a total of 48 miles and I plan on riding tomorrow and Friday.  I will skip Monday to take the Offspring to school.  I wonder if I can make it the whole month.  I doubt we will beat the other team at the library.  They have more people and at least one is riding 23 miles round trip.

What am I reading? I finished Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende and liked it quite a bit.  There were some issues I had with the story line and the turn near the end, but otherwise it was very enjoyable.  Right now I am reading The Beautiful Dead by Eden Maguire and it hasn’t grabbed me yet.  There just isn’t enough story development and parts of the plot keep popping up as we meet characters.  We’ll see.