Funny how you can be going along, all sunny and happy and one person can burst your bubble.

I was helping an elderly person at the computers, she was fairly tech savvy, but was having a hard time with forwarding an attachment on WebPine (totally archaic program…).  I got shushed by a patron a bit further down and was told that I was being rude.

Now, rude to me is going to someone’s work place and telling them how to do their job, and interrupting someone else’s customer service experience to make your own me time (in a public place, no less) a little more pleasant.  But I guess that is just me.  My response, after swallowing the negative reply I wanted to give was, “I’m sorry you feel I was being too loud.” and resumed helping the person in a lower tone of voice.  The lady had a harder time hearing me, but that is just too bad, I suppose.

Ok, venting done.

It is bike to work month and I am captain of my team.  I have been a little disheartened that the log in capability on their website has been down yesterday and today–the first two days of the challenge.  No one can log in or join a team.  I added my email of concern to the undoubtedly huge pile they will find tomorrow.

I usually ride to work 1-3 days a week, taking the bus the other days and driving only when I pick up the Offspring and take him to school–so every two weeks I drive twice.  My challenge to myself it to bike every day in May except when I bring the Offspring to school–because I would be late if I drove home first to ride.  My commute is between 6 and 10 miles, depending on my route.  The longer one is more scenic but has just as many hills and takes a bit longer.  I usually leave those for later shifts and Sundays.

The hardest part of this will be when I have meetings at other places in the system.  I think most of these will be at Central and I haven’t come up with a good route there yet.  I can probably get there faster on my bike than on the bus because of timing and meandering routes.  I might end up doing a combo bike and bus, though.

What am I reading? I took a break from everything else to read Isabelle Allende’s new book The Island Beneath the Sea.  I highly recommend this historical fiction of the long war to liberate Haiti during and after the French occupation.  The story is set around the life of a female mulatta slave and the families around her.  A good portion of the story is set in New Orleans and the details are well turned.