I should have been a good girl and gone to bed an hour ago.  But that is so hard!  I love staying up late, but I hate getting up…well, early is relative…

Today was a day off and mostly I got some chores done and ran a few errands, but then I went out to have dinner on the town with my lovely lady co-workers from the past.  We went to Odd Fellows Cafe and I had mac n cheese and french fries.  The place was ok, but I felt both the food and the service could be better.  Luckily the company was awesome.  We stopped in at the new Elliot Bay Books after dinner and lots of chatting–it is beautiful and keeps the charm of the Pioneer Square store.  We ran into a library school friend that I don’t think I have seen since library school.  She works a few blocks away and came to see the store on her break.  After that little reunion, we decided to walk a couple extra blocks to try out Old School Frozen Custard on Pike, rather than going to Molly Moons that was just around the corner.  It was a good experience; the custard is smooth and creamy and the topping options were decadent.  (We love Molly Moons too, but go to the one in Wallingford all the time, so we tried something new.)

In my last few posts, I think I managed to gloss right over learning about our new budget cuts. We have to cut $1.5 million in the library system’s budget and our suggestions have to be in by the end of the month.  I don’t see anything in the news to link to (although this blog post has a few details), but I am sure there will be something after cuts are finalized.  We will likely have a second furlough and possibly some materials cuts, but there will be bigger repercussions for next year because it isn’t likely to get any better before 2012.  Bigger as in lay offs and hours reductions.  Patrons won’t like the second one, or the materials cuts, for that matter.  This they will notice–as they have the hours changes in the last few months.  Some have also noticed that faces have changed in various places.  I often get asked if I am new.

I am happy that the mayor is asking for our ideas and this doesn’t seem to be the secretive process it was last year.  Our ideas can be posted anonymously, or we can give our contact info in case someone wants to ask more questions.  We can submit our ideas to the library or to the Mayor’s office, depending on how we feel about our current administration.  I hope this openness continues and that our input receives the respect it deserves.

What am I reading? Finished I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade and I take back my “it could be any” comment.  The last few chapters were wonderful and set in the Khan’s palace in China.  There were many details about life there and the story became more uplifting.

I also started and finished Primavera by Mary Jane Beaufrand.  I met the author at PLA and she signed Primavera and The River to me.  Her book is a interesting depiction of the Pazzi family’s betrayal of the Medici family in Florence where the youngest daughter of the Pazzi family, Flora, thwarted a plot to assassinate Guiliano and Lorenzo Medici, but only Lorenzo escaped.  The Pazzi family was then persecuted and Flora was forced to hide.