So, last week sucked (Stranger article, budget cuts).  This week is going to rock.  A friend got a foot in the door to a librarian position and we went out last night to celebrate his good fortune.  I rode my bike with another friend from North Seattle to Capitol Hill to do so, then home, which made for a lot of riding yesterday.  I was really tired this morning and didn’t make the run around Greenlake or hot yoga.  I don’t really like hot anything though, so the second thing doesn’t bother me much.  I finally got up at 11.  I know it is Wednesday, but this is my weekend and I am allowed to sleep in, darned it all.

It seems I am getting a hard edge back to my personality.  I had quite a bit of sarcasm built into me as a teen and young adult, but I slowly lost it because it caused me to make the wrong people angry.  I think I have gained the maturity that can make sarcasm and subtle criticism an asset rather than a liability.  I hardly noticed doing it, but my friend pointed out to me that I razzed another coworker that tends to elongate meetings with the excessive flapping of his gums.  So “yay” for the forces of good.

Time feels very short before June, when the Mister and I will be moving him to the land of desert and 5 card stud.  Every weekend seems to have an event.  3 of my siblings are graduating in May and there are something like 6 birthdays, maybe more.  Another friend is getting married and I won’t be able to go.  May is always busy, but this year takes the cake.

What am I reading? I finished The Passage!  It was wonderful!  There was government conspiracy, a virus unleashed, superhuman creatures that liked to drink blood, a sweet little girl who lived over a hundred years and is going to save the world.

I am going to start Incarceron by Catherine Fisher today and I am still listening to the third Jackie Faber book by LA Meyer.  More about those later.